Why Is Father Pavone Kissing Up To Amoris Lamentia?

Why Is Father Pavone Kissing Up To Amoris Lamentia?

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One must wonder who’s twisting Father Pavone’s arm to cause him to let loose with this drivel:

All of us at Priests for Life welcome the document issued today by Pope Francis called ‘Amoris Laetitia,’ which summarizes his teaching following the two worldwide synods of bishops held in the last two years on the topic of the family. We encourage all the clergy and laity to carefully read, study, discuss and apply this document, which repeats the church’s teaching on life, marriage and family, and urges all of us to encourage one another with compassion and care as we strive to live that teaching.

Either Father hasn’t taken the time to study it or he’s kowtowing to pressure from on high. If it’s the former, he is being irresponsibly careless; if the latter, he’s acting in both a cowardly and dishonest manner.

I’m delighted that the comments that follow this rebuke this white-wash nonsense. Maggie Sullivan’s remarks about the placing of conscience before truth are spot-on. If that heinous precedent is ever ensconced in “pastoral practice”, that can – and will – be used to justify and excuse abortion. Father Pavone just shot himself in the foot.

Another troubling phrase is found in the very last sentence. “New road map”? No, Father! Nothing will ever be an “improvement” over the Teachings of Jesus Christ, taught by His Church these two thousand years. One does not need a “new road map” to replace the Commandments and Precepts of the Church. In fact such a “road map” will most likely confirm our culture’s path to destruction and eventually to hell.

Father Pavone, for the sake of the babies whom you work diligently to save, please retract this article.

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3 comments on “Why Is Father Pavone Kissing Up To Amoris Lamentia?

  1. Fr. Pavone is part of the NeoCat cabal designed to keep well intentioned Catholics from stepping out of the Vatican-II facade and cutting off their donations. He promotes heresy, error, and cannibalism. Heresy: Fr. Pavone has made clear in correspondence that aborted babies go to Heaven. Error: He promotes limiting family size via NFP. Cannibalism: PFL defends the use of vaccines made from aborted babies. This is participation in human sacrifice.

    • The quote by Fr. Pavone that I cited is from the neo-CatholicNewsService. I could not cite anything from the actual item at CatholicOnline, because my computer kept blocking me from going to that site, because it is “harmful.”

      The neo-CatholicNewsService item also includes quotes from well-known AmChurch hierarchs such as O’Malley, Gomez and Aquila as well as not-so-well-known ones such as Libasci of Manchester, NH, and also some strange non-hierarchs such as Candida Moss and Timoth O’Malley at Notre Dame and Women’s Ordination Worldwide.

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