Crazy Joe Biden, spare me your praise of the Pope

Crazy Joe Biden, spare me your praise of the Pope.

[VP “Crazy Joe” Biden met Pope Francis (“Papa Pancho”) alongside U2 guitarist David “The Edge” Howell Evans as they called for a push to find cancer cures]

By Dr. Jeff Mirus | Apr 29, 2016

I suppose this is a bit of a rant, but I’m tired of all the posturing. The latest is U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s praise of Pope Francis earlier today, when he addressed a conference at the Vatican.

Predictably, Biden praised Francis for his “compassion”. He claimed the Pontiff gave him comfort when his son died. That’s highly personal, of course, and it is just barely possible that this was very significant to Joe Biden. But when a nominally Catholic politician makes no secret of his opposition to Catholic moral teaching, anything good he says about the Pope amounts to damning with faint praise.

Especially when “compassion” is the only good word he can think to use.

For those who really couldn”t care less, however, the political art of praising the world’s chief Catholic serves as a cheap way to confuse lesser Catholics into thinking that the speaker is on the right side. “Hey, Biden likes Pope Francis. He and his party must be good guys!” Meanwhile, Donald Trump isn’t afraid to express open hostility to the Pope. This, at least, may be taken as a sign of honesty—I mean a temporary sign.

In American politics, Democrats (except for those honest enough to want God’s name stripped from the platform) are known for paying lip service to Christian values while actively seeking to undermine them at every turn. Meanwhile, Republicans (except for a very few figures kept around to lend verisimilitude to traditional claims) are known for a theoretical adhesion to Christian values while methodically avoiding all significant efforts to implement them socially.

If you were watching from outer space and did not understand political speech, you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

If you are watching from earth and do understand political speech, you will have the same problem.

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One comment on “Crazy Joe Biden, spare me your praise of the Pope

  1. Pro-abortion VP Joe Biden speaks at Vatican event on adult stem cells

    Claire Chretien

    ROME, April 29, 2016 ( ) ­– United States Vice President Joe Biden addressed a Vatican conference on adult stem cell research Friday just before Pope Francis spoke.

    Biden’s invitation has sparked criticism because he supports the taxpayer-funded killing of embryonic human beings for research purposes. He is also a vocal proponent of abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and the LGBT agenda, yet he flaunts his Catholic faith as an important part of his life.

    As a Senator, Biden voted:

    To expand embryonic stem cell research

    Not to prohibit minors from crossing state lines to obtain abortions

    Against a parental notification measure to alert parents when their minor children received out-of-state abortions

    Against protecting unborn children who are harmed in utero against their mothers’ will

    To promote contraception in an effort to reduce teen pregnancy

    Biden has also spoken at events sponsored by the pro-LGBT group the Human Rights Campaign.

    With Biden as its Vice President, the Obama administration has faced a slew of lawsuits from Catholic institutions that oppose the administration’s efforts to force them to fund contraception and life-ending drugs against their consciences.

    The Pontifical Council for Culture and the Stem for Life Foundation, a U.S. organization that promotes ethical adult stem cell research, hosted the conference, titled “Cellular Horizons: How science, technology, information and communication will impact society.”

    The conference focused on global efforts to fight cancer.

    Pope Francis urged doctors and physicians to oppose “an economy of exclusion and inequality” that “victimizes people when the mechanism of profit prevails over the value of human life.”

    In his speech, Biden discussed the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love, which he described as the “essence of religion,” and expressed his admiration for Pope Francis. During his visit to the U.S., Pope Francis provided Biden and his family comfort in the aftermath of his son’s death from cancer, the vice president said.

    Biden briefly greeted Pope Francis at the conference.

    Rhode Island’s Bishop Thomas Tobin commented briefly about the invite on Facebook. He wrote:

    According to published reports, Vice-President Joseph Biden, a Catholic, has joined Vatican officials in promoting health care for the poor, a noble idea to be sure. But I wonder if the pro-abortion Biden wants to include abortion and contraception in that health care he wants to provide for the poor. “Obamacare” certainly does. Just ask the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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