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10 comments on “CONSIDERATIONS

  1. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something that just doesn’t feel right about the explanation. I think a lot of it has to do with losing my copy of the prayer book “Christian Warfare” that I had for about 6 years or so. When I ordered a new one last year I was surprised to find the divine mercy prayers of Faustina. There’s just something not right about all of this.

  2. A good translation confirms the good Catholic sense of Fr. Schmidberger.

    V. 2) If the faithful or some confreres feel comfortable in this situation of freedom relating to independence from the hierarchy, then this indicates a creeping loss of the sensus Ecclesiae. We must never argue: “We have sound teaching, the true Holy Mass, our seminaries and priories and above all bishops. So we don’t need anything.”

    V.4) In the coming years we urgently need new bishops. To consecrate them without a papal mandate is certainly possible in an extreme emergency. But if bishops can be consecrated with Rome’s permission, we must ask for that permission …

    I’d reply to Father, making bishops again apart from the pope would be putting God to the test. I pray this gets resolved, and soon.

  3. Cyprian,

    I’m asking this question sincerely, and with goodwill. If a situation of emergency existed in 1988 when St Marcel Lefebvre Concecrated 4 Bishops, has that emergency situation changed for the better, or for the worse under Francis?

    Who will choose the next Bishops of the Society?

    There’s something unsettling. My heart is with the Society, allow me to make that clear, and one ought to accept that as sincere.

    • Quomodo, I don’t doubt your sincerity. I don’t doubt that we have an emergency situation. We’ll just have to disagree whether that allows one to consecrate bishops apart from the pope. (I.e., it’s not like the emergency behind the iron curtain where one can’t access the pope and a decision must be made. The pope is a skype away.) History shows that this usually ends in schism. The Good God has has seen fit to keep the SSPX from flying off, as the sedes have, to where there is no unity. But dare they do it again? This is all very unsettling. We’re really down to Providence — but then again, we’re always down to Providence.

      • It isn’t a matter of agreement. I haven’t come to a decision. The Society owes me no explanation personally, I understand. But my questions are sincere and deeply trouble me.

  4. IMO the Society is not the problem; Modernism is and the vast majority of the today’s hierarchy are modernists. So, where do we go from here? It is not for the Society to return to the Faith; it is for the modernists to return. Until and unless the hierarchy acts, it doesn’t affect the claim of ecclesia supplet the Society has been working under for going on 50 years. As for future bishops, the Lord will provide, if necessary. That is, if the world doesn’t end in the meantime.

  5. As for the ‘future bishops’ – At present Rome any official recognition of the SSPX from Rome will obviously include the recognition of the current SSPX Bishops to continue to confer the sacraments upon those who request them and upon their own seminarians.
    It will be a long time off before the SSPX is in the same boat that it found itself in back in 1988.

    It would also seem to me that any official recognition of the SSPX will more likely give other priests and bishops in the Church greater courage to stand firm or even stand up against the apostasy.

    • VJ, I’ve just assumed the current Bishops will remain just that, current. While they live. My question is who’ll choose their successors? What will become of the Existing Chapels. What’s the game plan?

  6. I have no clue how future traditional bishops will be consecrated but perhaps Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider and Bishop Fellay could get together and do it. Nah, that won’t work – the guy in the Chair of Peter would veto it. See what a mess we have?

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