University of San Francisco Jesuit President attended 2015 Gay Pride Parade

University of San Francisco Jesuit President attended 2015 Gay Pride Parade

California Catholic Daily exclusive: Father Fitzgerald flashes ‘who am I to judge?’ shirt

April 23, 2016 @

USF president Father Paul Fitzgerald (in green cap) holds a t-shirt printed with an image of Pope Francis and the words “who am I to judge?” at the 2015 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.

Homosexual activism at the Jesuit University of San Francisco has been present for decades. The April 16 California Catholic Daily article USF President Endorses Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ made clear that the activism goes right to the top. CalCatholic now reports the university president, Father Paul Fitzgerald, attended San Francisco’s 2015 Gay Pride parade.

BDSM participants at the 2015 Pride Parade. Past grand marshals include San Francisco gay icon Larry Brinkin, convicted in 2014 for possession of child pornography. In 1999 the parade’s grand marshal was Harry Hay, who has publicly defended NAMBLA, the National Man Boy Love Association.

The USF student newspaper, the San Francisco Foghorn, published an April 21 article lamenting San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s recent initiative to ensure fidelity to Catholic teaching in Archdiocesan high schools, contrasting with the actions of Father Fitzgerald:

In addition to the archbishop sending a bold and conservative message to the San Francisco Catholic community, last summer university president Father Paul Fitzgerald faced a situation which seemed to represent the tension between Catholic principles and his own apparently more liberal views. Fitzgerald attended the San Francisco Pride Parade with others from USF in support of LGBTQ+ members.

The article describes the confusion USF students feel between Catholicism and the school’s progressive ideology:

The tall, dark wooden doors of the St. Ignatius Church are open every day from dusk ’til dawn, yet a relatively small fraction of the USF’s students are seen among the pews. Metal crosses decorate the front walls of many classrooms in the Lone Mountain building, though only a handful can be seen in any of the newer classrooms down the hill. The prevalence of the school’s religious identity appears to have slowly but surely weakened on campus over the years.

The students and faculty in the story are concerned that USF reconciles with their values. Sophomore communications major Consuelo Reyes is “currently not practicing Catholicism as she has in the past, she is worried that if she were to return to practicing, her progressive values would conflict with Catholic rules.”

2015 Gay Pride Parade attendee wears a sticker emblazoned with the USF logo with the words ‘proudly part of the city that defines the word “pride”

The Foghorn interviews the director of USF’s University Ministry, Julia Dowd. Dowd asserts that “although Catholicism gets a bad rap in society these days, ‘It’s important to claim who we actually are because if we don’t, other people get to claim what ‘religious’ looks like.’ ”

CalCatholic reported that in 2007 Dowd, “joined by members of USF’s LGBTQ Caucus, attended the ‘OutThere’ conference at De Paul University. The conference’s program makes clear that its purpose was to create more effective advocacy for positions opposed to the Church’s teachings on Catholic universities.”

President Fitzgerald’s endorsement of a same-sex ‘marriage’, attendance at the gay pride parade, and the actions of other faculty have shown that the USF’s Catholic identity is all but gone.

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