A Call to Battle – Society’s Crisis in Masculinity

Published on Jan 5, 2016

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix released for the first time ever in its history a documentary-style short film that seeks to create awareness of a crisis in masculinity found in today’s society.

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3 comments on “A Call to Battle – Society’s Crisis in Masculinity

  1. Louie had a good response:

    You can see his video at the link, if I fail to embed it correctly below.

    Tradwriter 40: The Catholic "Manly Men Movement" from Louie Verrecchio on Vimeo.

  2. Cyprian,

    Thanks for informing me of Louie’s response to the video. ‘

    I think the documentary is still of some help to those who are lost today. Yet, once more Louis is on the mark in his great analysis of the documentary. He does clearly point out that clear hypocrisy of the bishop behind the documentary, but that said, the bishops shortcomings still don’t take away the merits of the points made, even though, Louie is truly correct in pointing out that for the greater part, non of the conciliar hierarchy are men worthy of imitation or who show forth the true marks of real manhood.

    • If the video helps to challenge men, then that’s good.

      I think most traditional men understand, and what we need are traditional parishes so we can raise the family in a Catholic environment.

      As usual, Louie gets to the bigger picture.

      (BTW, Tom posted this earlier)

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