Opus Dei Archbishop Makes Big Concession to Gender Ideology

Opus Dei Archbishop Makes Big Concession to Gender Ideology

Posted by Tancred at eponymousflower.blogspot.com/2016/04/opus-dei-archbishop-makes-big.html

Edit: the age of Mahony, alas, is still very much with us, despite the appointment of a Neo-Catholic Opus Dei Bishop. As if the liturgy [with wine in kool-aid pitchers and loaves in bread-baskets] and music weren’t ugly enough. Is a Cardinal’s hat from Pope Bergoglio really worth the loss of your immortal soul? Here’s the video from Joseph Sciambra.

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One comment on “Opus Dei Archbishop Makes Big Concession to Gender Ideology

  1. An Escrivite, appointed Apb. of LA by conservative Pope Benedict, readily participates in the destruction of the Church. This atrocity happened prior to Francis’ latest heresy and sin.

    Does anyone imagine that the faggots were denied Communion that day after being specially selected for the dance of the wine fairies?

    The ecumenical mind-control cult Opus Dei is now the pan-sexual cult, too. Have we heard any opposition from Fr. Rutler, Opie Dopie? Maybe Russel Shaw? Who is the head cheese of the cult in the US? If anyone has info, please advise.

    I had a bad run-in with Fr. Sal Ferigle, OD, back in 1993. This is yet one more confirmation that the cult was rotten.

    I’ve said before and will say again that NewChurch is a sex cult at the core. It rests on the doctrine of limiting family size taught in G&S at Vatican II, and the approval of NFP taught in Humanae vitae. HV also blurred the distinction between the primary end of marriage (children) and the secondary (so-called unitive). While hailed as the be-all, end-all teaching on contraception, it is in fact the crack in the dam that brings us to Francis and Gomez, and the pan-sexual cult of “Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright.”

    Is this the end of the Western Church? If not, what’s the next step? Approving pederasty?

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