Eating and Drinking Judgement on themselves

[Excerpts from some cogent and prescient observations. The Good God is clearly very angry with us, and whatever it takes to cleanse the Church “it will be awful”]

“Perception is everything.”

The following brief observations on Pope Francis’ revolutionary exhortation have as their intention to put to rest hopefully once and for all the notion that because doctrine was supposedly “not changed” we can and must look at the Pope’s words in the light of past Church teachings, and that if we do that we will find no need to be anxious over the whole thing. Unfortunately such a notion is untenable, and we have five decades of recent experience to show that it is untenable.

Blaming the media for misinterpretations is also untenable. The media was given precisely what it needed by the Vatican; Rome wanted its message to get out and it allows the media to convey to the world exactly what it wants conveyed. If this were not so we would be hearing and.or reading thundering denunciations from St Peter’s.

… If the disastrous, unnecessary Vatican Council II has taught us anything at all it is that the Modernists now in complete control of the Vatican apparatus will use any lie, any subterfuge, any traditional-sounding phrase it can muster up to obliterate Christ’s clear teachings and reduce the one, true Church into another mere Protestant sect. The Pope’s all-mercy-no-repentance approach is nothing if not pure Protestantism, which will lead untold millions of souls into the same final place in eternity that Martin Luther, John Calvin and Henry VIII led their followers.

… The Pope’s exhortation is nothing more that the latest manifestation of the Modernist heresy that has haunted Catholicism for at least two centuries. It is the culmination of the process that began in earnest at Vatican II, whereby three generations of Catholics have been severed from their past, deliberately, by the destroyers who were in charge of that miserable Council. By a deliberate act of the will the mandarins behind Vatican II cut off Catholics from their roots, and that fifty-year debacle has ended with a Pope like Bergoglio. Chastisements come in many forms: physical, mental and spiritual. Francis, whether he even realizes it or not, is a part of the spiritual chastisement we suffer. God has permitted the Church to be inflicted with a long series of ineffective and now downright bizarre Popes who have done severe, near-irreparable damage to His Church. This catastrophe can no longer be reversed by simple means. It will take something else to cleanse the Church of the filth, the scum, which is now rising rapidly to the top. Whatever it is, it will be awful.

So, please dear defenders of this latest papal atrocity, do not bother telling the world that doctrine has not changed. As Rome well knows, and its defenders do not, it isn’t what you say that is important; it’s what people think you say that is crucial. Perception is everything.

God help those in high places who have scandalized Christ’s little ones. That includes those Bishops and Cardinals who should be confronting this insanity but are not.

With his ideas of “unmerited” mercy Pope Francis clearly wants us all to now be Lutherans. I am sorry, Francis, but I will not accept your suggestion.

With this latest stink bomb from the Vatican there is only one thing left that I know of: to occupy our hearts and minds: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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