Something is happening in the SSPX

Something is happening in the SSPX

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[This letter was circulated in the SSPX and should be public knowledge by now. The translation from German is provided by Fish Eaters member Truecharity]

February 19, 2016 | P. Franz Schmidberger

I. The Church is a mystery. It is the mystery of God’s presence among us, our Savior, God, who does not want the death of sinners, but be converted and live. The conversion requires our collaboration.

II. The Church is infallible in its divine nature; but it is run by people who can make mistakes and even make mistakes. We must distinguish the office of the person. The latter remains a certain amount of time in office and then out-either by death or other circumstances, but the office remains. Pope Francis today has the papal ministry and the primacy of authority. Within an hour, we do not know,he could resign and another pope will be elected. However, while he has the Papal See, we recognize it as such and pray for him. We do not say that he is a good pope. On the contrary, he provokes with his liberal ideas and he creates a great confusion in the Church. But when Christ founded the Papacy, He saw the whole series of Popes of the whole history of the Church, including Pope Francis. And yet He allowed his ascent to the papal throne. Similarly, our Lord established the Sacrament with His Real Presence, though He foresaw the many sacrileges in the course of history.

III. Archbishop Lefebvre founded the SSPX amid these confusing times for the Church. She is called to give a new generation of priests to the Church, to preserve the true Sacrifice of the Mass and proclaim the kingship of Jesus Christ throughout society, even against the liberal popes and prelates who have betrayed the faith. So I had to come necessarily conflict: in 1975 the Fraternity was sent into exile. There he not only survived, but grew and has become for many people is a sign of contradiction against the destruction of our day. This opposition became clear to the world on June 30, 1988 when for reasons of necessity, were consecrated four bishops Msgr. Lefebvre.

IV. However, Msgr. Lefebvre always had the conviction to seek a canonical solution for the fraternity and did not avoid the conversation with the Roman authorities, who wanted to back off. He continued his efforts even after the consecrations of bishops, despite that in its realism had little hope of success. He asked, using ad hominem arguments, to let him “make the experience of Tradition”. He fully accepted the fact that the Brotherhood was in an exceptional situation and this was no fault his own, but his opponents. The situation remained until 2000. Since then Rome has sought a remedy for the situation, sometimes so clever, sometimes with honest intention, depending on who was in care of the problem on the Roman side.

V. The decline of the Church since the simultaneous and constant development of the fraternity, brought some bishops and cardinals who agreed totally or partially, though not readily confessed. Rome was gradually lowering its demands and recent proposals no longer speak of recognizing the Vatican nor the legitimacy of the Novus Ordo Missae. So it seems the time to normalize the situation of the fraternity has come, and this for several reasons:

l) Any abnormal situation lends itself to standardization. This is in the nature of things. 2) We must not lose sight of the danger that the faithful and some brothers used to the abnormal situation and see it as a normal . The opposition here and there against participation in the Holy Year, and the total disregard for the assignment of ordinary jurisdiction by Pope Francis (we always appeal to the state of necessity and have resorted to extraordinary jurisdiction according to the law) It is causing a stir. If the faithful or the fraternity brothers feel comfortable in this situation of freedom from dependence on the hierarchy, then this implies a gradual loss of sensus ecclesiae. We must never argue: we have sound doctrine, the true Mass, our seminaries, priories and our bishops, we lack nothing.

3) We have sympathizers among priests and cardinals, some of whom would like to call on us to help them, they would give us a church building and possibly confide a seminary to our care. But currently, due to our situation, it’s impossible for them to do this. In any case, barriers which the faithful but fearful have will come down. In the news media and everywhere we are regarded as schismatics or separated from the Church, we dismiss these accusations.

4) In the coming years, we urgently need new bishops. It is certainly possible to consecrate them without pontifical mandate in case of emergency, but if possible to consecrate bishops with the permission of Rome, the said permission must be sought.

5) Modernists, liberals and other enemies of the Church are very concerned with respect to the canonical solution for the fraternity. Discernment of spirits in this regard, suggests not what is the right and best way?

6) How will the Church will overcome this crisis? One sees that in the present state of affairs there is not even glimmer of hope. In contrast, the official act of recognition of the Fraternity trigger a healthy turmoil within the Church. The good would be encouraged, the malevolent will suffer a defeat.

VI. Answers to some objections:

1) How can we aspire to a recognition by Pope Francis?

Answer: We have already referred above to the necessary distinction between the office and the titular of the office. There is no doubt that the current pope exercises his role established by God . But we must keep in mind what the council really was and the consequences it brought to the Church: confusion, the dictatorship of relativism, pastoral over doctrine, friendship with the enemies of God and enemies of Christianity. But precisely this is one of the mistakes of the council: separate the the cause from the effects. Some were infatuated with the person of Benedict XVI, instead of regarding the papal office first and person second, making his resignation like a cold shower for many. We must not make the same mistake of infatuating ourselves too close to the person rather than the divine institution! Perhaps only the pope Francis is able to take this step (normalization), by unpredictability and improvisation. The media may have forgiven him for having taken this step, but would never have forgiven Benedict. In its authoritarian, not to say tyrannical style of government, he would be able to implement this measure even for the Resistance.

2) But what do people say of the Resistance?

Answer: We can not guide our actions for people who obviously has lost the sense of Church and love for the Church in its concrete form. As it stands now, they are fighting each other.

3) In the future we will have to keep silent about all current errors.

Answer: We will not be silent, more over, we will point out the errors by name. Before and after our normalization. We would like to return from our”exile” in which we are today. 4) The reputation Pope Francis has among Catholics is so bad that recognition for their part would harm rather than benefit the SSPX.

Answer: Since the beginning we differentiated between the office and the person. If Francis is pope , which he is – then he also has the primacy of jurisdiction over the church. Whether he uses (jurisdictional primacy) it for the good of the Church or not. We must follow the path of usefulness for the Church; orient our actions not by human will and God will bless us.

5) But this integration of the SSPX in the conciliar system will cost you your profile, maybe even your identity.

Answer: It all depends on how strong we are and who converts whom. If we act strongly, based on the grace of God, then our situation may be a blessing for the entire Church. Where else could be the Fraternity be in order to make possible such a conversion? Of course we should not count on our own abilities and powers, but God’s help. Think of the fight between David and Goliath. For this we make an analogy: as Christians we are in a wicked and corrupt world, and we need to prove ourselves here. The danger of contagion is great; but we can and must escape it with the grace of God. One thing is clear: a new situation does not facilitate our position as it will stand, it will be complicated, and yet, it will make it thrive more.

6) All Congregations which were subjected to Rome adapted to conciliate or even perished within the system.

Answer: Our starting position is not the same: In our case it is Rome who pressed for a solution and approached us. In other cases, these “Fraternities” are the applicants, often went to Rome with guilt. Moreover, none of them has bishops outside the Apostolic Administration Saint John Vianney in the Diocese of Campos in Brazil, where the bishop RIFAN is willing to make any compromise. Of course solid protection by an appropriate ecclesial structure is required. This appears to be guaranteed by the personal prelature. This structure has not been offered to another congregation. Finally, the objection raised has been true only in part, with some exceptions in the German – speaking region. However, insurgency has been the life of the SSPX.

VII. Conclusion

If God wants to help His Church indeed He has many means. One of them is the recognition of the SSPX by the Roman authorities. Isn’t the SSPX consecrated to the Blessed Virgin, who will protect and guide its work in this new situation? -Dignare me laudare te, Virgo sacrata; da mihi virtutem contra hostes tuos – Grant me to praise thee, Holy Virgin; give me strength against your enemies.

Zaitzkofen, February 19, 2016 P. Franz Schmidberger Rector

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16 comments on “Something is happening in the SSPX


    by StumblingBlock


    Bishop Fellay is in the news this week because he’s met with Francis and continues to receive open arms and to be treated as part of the Church without the distance to which he’s grown accustomed. People marvel at this from a Pope who is such a liberal. What does swinging nuChurch Francis have to do with those stuffy, staunch, old-world separatists?

    Despite the new warmth, the persistently honest leader of this virtuous group of priests has responded to the FrancisOutreach by telling him his massive exhortation brought him tears. He said it’s like a beautiful sinking boat with a hole in the bottom dug by the Pope. God bless the Bishop, and I agree about it being a ship with a hole in it, though I’ve read many snippets and none of them seemed beautiful.

    Still, I’m afraid for Fellay as are others, and we have good reason.

    The SSPX group rejects the Paul VI replacement Mass and the errors in Vatican II. They do not support Benedict’s hermeneutic of continuity, seeing it as an impossible blanketing-over. Are there unCatholic messages in Vatican II? Yes there are. That Council in the end presented some new ideas which contradicted Church teaching and tradition. It was not convened to put forth new doctrine and no new doctrine was affirmed decisively by a Pope. It was ‘pastoral’ only. Nevertheless it has predictably spread much trouble because people take it as doctrine, especially liberals. Benedict recognized the break. He said we’re just reading things out of context and blamed the media.

    This has been the SSPX case when pressed by Rome to return to full communion. But now, in FrancisChurch, no problem! Here’s why this is happening.

    Pope’s JPII and Benedict were there at Vatican II and supported it, but they weren’t its drivers. Those behind Vatican II ultimately were radicals, men who did not hold the Faith and were interested in disabling it, replacing it. Francis is of the same mind as those men who made it necessary for the SSPX to take their stand. He’s not a hermeneutic of continuity guy, Francis. He’s all about rupture.

    The SSPX leadership truly seems to think Francis is simply employing his method of openness, dialogue and boosting peripheries. This is naive. Liberals only tout those corrosive platitudes as strategy. Radicals don’t dialogue with the Truth, only with evil and error. Faithful Catholics will always be a periphery to liberals, the more peripheral the better. Francis has no interest in promoting the growth and reception of the SSPX, so what does he want? There are two things.

    Satan can create nothing. He doesn’t have ultimate power over things. He can only find ‘hope’ in destruction. In a sense he’s a parasite because he needs a host, a victim. In the same way liberals would be powerless if they couldn’t hitch their wagons to good things that decent people have built. They have to occupy and corrupt under the pretense of stewardship and good will. They have to become judges, professors, actors, and scientists. This is what they’ve done to our Church.

    Today we have Francis, a man without Faith. He is completely in line with the philosophical school behind the sixties program that skewered the Church. Now he’s arrived to institutionalize the leftist replacement. The irony is, however, that if he can’t convince people that he’s Catholic, he’ll lose his leverage. He has to maintain the facade so that Catholics follow his deadly leadership. He, more than John Paul or Benedict, knows he needs the SSPX.

    Just like the LA Times understands Amoris Laetitia better than Ignatius Press, Francis knows that the SSPX is Catholic more than John Paul and Benedict did. Winners have an awareness and respect for their opponents. He recognizes them as the sort of people they eliminated fifty years ago. He knows their beliefs have an ancient power, that they grow if not checked. Nevertheless Francis needs them desperately to come and make him seem Catholic, to legitimize him with their ‘union.’

    That is the first reason. The second reason, of course, is that he wants to ruin them. Ruin is what happens when you ‘unite’ with a predator. He can’t install his FrancisChurch with them around shining their light on it. The SSPX must be integrated, then hollowed out.

    How is Francis the liaison to broker this union? A Protestant is entirely incapable of performing any of the functions a pope must perform. Is this not true? Does it matter that he’s extended his approval for SSPX to hear Confessions when he’s also recommended absolving a silent penitent just for showing up? Do you think Oscar Romero was saintly? Was Paul VI blessed? Why for God’s sake? How low are we going to go in our criteria? We’re mass-producing. Before you know it Heaven will have this sprawling encampment full of FrancisSaints. Would you bet your soul on a new FrancisAnnulment?

    What will they do someday with the thousand pages of formal FrancisTeaching and those plane interviews? What will they say about the Catholic defenders and excusers when they’re dead? What will Francis have to do before some of you admit he’s not Catholic? Show me the line.

    I hear so much about embracing the true pope, receiving his teachings with profound respect, and the work of the Holy Spirit. This is all cowardly and presumptuous. Deal with it! We have a heretic in the papacy and, in the absence of anyone exercising their faithful duty to condemn him for it or remove him, he will go on wrecking the Church and doing everything to kill it.

    And it won’t take long. This isn’t like General Motors. Francis isn’t a wrong-headed CEO making K-cars or PT Cruisers. In the Church you either build up or destroy, you gather or scatter.

  2. Diocesan Pastor Calls Brother Priests to Stand and Resist, Warns SSPX to Be Wary

    Written by Father Celatus

    Editor’s Note: One of the most popular regular features in the print- and e-edition of The Remnant is “The Last Word”, by Father Celatus. Father, who is a pastor working in the U.S. at a diocesan parish, enthusiastically celebrates the TLM as often as possible. Father’s call to his brother priests to stand and resist what is happening in Rome speaks for itself, but I’d remind our readers that this courageous priest is not part of the SSPX or FSSP or any other traditionalist fraternity or society. He is a diocesan priest who is protecting his flock and defending Truth at a critical juncture in history. May Father’s brother priests heed his call. – MJM

    Dear Brother Priests:

    The traditional Gospel of the Holy Mass on the Second Sunday of Easter is that of the Good Shepherd:

    At that time Jesus said to the Pharisees: I am the good Shepherd. The good Shepherd giveth his life for his sheep. But the hireling, and he that is not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and flieth: and the wolf catcheth and scattereth the sheep: and the hireling flieth, because he is a hireling, and he hath no care for the sheep. I am the good Shepherd: and I know Mine, and Mine know Me, as the Father knoweth Me, and I know the Father: and I lay down My life for My sheep. And other sheep I have that are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.

    By now it should be manifestly clear to all but the invincibly ignorant or hopelessly obtuse that the rogue who currently holds the office of pope speaks and acts more like a vicar of an anti-Christ than a Successor of Saint Peter. To put it bluntly, the flock of Christ is being ravaged by a wolf rather than protected by a shepherd. The recent papal exhortation is but the latest example in a long litany of papal outrages against truth and godliness. For three insufferable years Bishop Francis of Rome has been given sufficient rope to hang himself, leaving no doubt among the faithful remnant that we have a terribly rogue Pope on a Rope.

    So The Last Word at this critical time must needs be an Exhortation Word to my brother priests: PLEASE do not allow this rogue pope to mislead souls entrusted by divine providence to your personal protection. We cannot expect—though we have every right to—that the Successors of the Apostles, the bishops, will exercise the authority and grace of their office to publicly oppose this rogue and his abominations. With rare exception they are for the most part either complicit through ill will or compliant through weak will.

    Instead it falls to increasingly marginalized or already ostracized priests to protect whatever souls God has entrusted to us, whether in parishes, in classrooms, in confessionals or in some form of exile. Our circumstances vary and we must act accordingly but act we must.

    Some priests are in a position to act openly with personal impunity, such as the clerics of SSPX. Bravo and keep up the good work! We can only pray that any regularization that your Society may consider would not in any way jeopardize your religious liberty or compromise your traditional integrity.

    For many other priests in the trenches subject to bully bishops we do well to heed the exhortation of our Lord: “Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves.” Saint Edmund Campion, priest and martyr of England who often had to minister and witness in secret, would be a good patron and intercessor for us.

    The remnant faithful cry out for shepherds; brothers, let us protect our flocks from these ravaging wolves!

    And if we are persecuted by our religious superiors for speaking the truth, then like the Apostles who were persecuted by the Sanhedrin we can rejoice for having suffered reproach for the Name of Jesus. As said by Saint Peter, a true Vicar of Christ, “We ought to obey God rather than men”—to include a pope!

  3. If I were Bishop Fellay I wouldn’t trust Bergoglio, or his lieutenants currently running the Vatican apparatus.
    Have they, and we, forgotten about Begoglio’s henchman Father Volpi (RIP) and his reign of terror on the FFI?
    Even if by some miracle Bergoglio is sincere, what happens when he dies, and another liberal or neo-Catholic takes over the Chair of Peter?
    Will the FSSPX be forced by this future pope to conform to the Vatican II religion or once again face excommunication?
    I know Archbishop Lefebvre’s goal was to be reunited with Rome, but with this Rome?

  4. No one can really “pigeonhole” Pope Francis. If he is influenced by Peronism, it can sometimes be left, sometimes right. Peronism is a “third way” between marxism and capitalism. Conservatism is horrible, because it avoids touching a ‘hot issue” topic. But that is why conservatives fail. Pope Bendict failed because he avoided the issue of Vatican 2 by just repeating the mantra “hermenutics of continuity” while we can all see that there is no continuity. What Pope Francis has done is a favor to Tradition, because he has given clarity.


    (in honor of Bishop Fellay)

    They have struck the sheep
    Just words they shout
    Fleecing the flock
    Confuse with fake doubt

    They have struck the sheep
    Hoots owl, “Who?”
    “The sky is falling!”
    Scream hysterical ewe

    And facing the flock
    They lure a white wedge
    Eyes to eyes backing
    Nearing cliff’s edge

    But in the lower
    Pasture greens
    A Good Shepherd guards
    Each lamb a grace gleans

    He stands, turns east,
    He leads, they follow
    Toward thunder’s roll
    No time to wallow

    Like others before
    Crook and Mitred for attack
    “Mine sheep know me”…
    And we’ve got his back!!!!

    Merci Marcel!!

  6. FULL DISCLOSURE: Tom and I emailed each other about it only yesterday and discussed my reservations concerning the authenticity of the alleged item from Fr. Schmidberger (it did not, in the form I saw it, appear as an official statement from the SSPX – so far.)

    I saw, elsewhere, that a former SSPX bishop has commented on his own site, in the negative, regarding this “alleged item.”

    I am not and have never been an SSPX-er but I would think that active followers and/or supporters of the Society would be able to quickly obtain official confirmation directly from SSPX HQ on this matter.

    I hope we see that, or a statement of refutation, ASAP.

    In these days of psy-ops, disinformation and factionalism even within “traditional circles,” that would seem quite essential.

    If it is confirmed by the Society, then I hope they will scrutinize and reflect deeply on the major points raised by “Stumbling Block” (above) in his highly articulate warning before strolling up the gangplank.

    Canon Gregory Hesse, STL, STD of most illustrious memory made no bones about the legitimacy under Canon Law (both Pio-Benedictine and JPII’s) of the SSPX ordinations and Abp. LeFebvre’s “state of emergency” defense arguments.

    And if there was an “emergency” in 1988, it has morphed into an outright catastrophe, especially since that dreadful evening in March, 2013.

  7. Just to make several observations here, both as regards the letter and the comments made.

    The letter: – While to me it doesn’t seem like the actual writing style of Schmidberger, that said, it also appears to be a rough translation from the German, but either way, as regards the content, it is nevertheless, correct in it’s analysis of the present situation.

    As regards the comments.

    I will just say several things. Take for example the article posted by Tom – that warning comes from a priest who works within the hierarchical structures of the Church.

    As to not trusting the Pope, – The current situation that the Church finds itself in, is beyond the personalities of the Pope or Bp. Fellay. The SSPX must seek the good of the Church as a whole. If it can (as indeed it can) offer to help the Church as a whole, while being given the blessing/juridical authority to do so, it would seem that not to do so would be miss the point.

    What is more, no doubt that Pope Francis is, yes, I say, is a modernists, and yet, the Archbishop did not hesitate to seek approval for setting up the SSPX from a (heretical) modernist like Pope Paul VI, who gave us both the abomination of the New Mass and the errors of Vatican II, something that Pope Francis can not be credited for. And so, the argument that he is a modernist who can’t be trusted don’t hold water from that perspective.

    Keep in mind it was not the Archbishop nor the SSPX that asked to be penalised, this was done on part of the unjust actions of the conciliar authorities. The SSPX has always maintained that those penalties are unjust, hence likewise, then, is and has been, unjust the fact that it has not been allowed to operate freely within the juridical structures of the Church.

    One would rather hope that this injustice would be rectified rather than prolonged.

  8. I agree with Long-skirts, Vincent Joseph. I talked with my Priest today, and many of my fears were allayed– but of course there’s a but.

    That but I’m having trouble expressing. For instance, the current issue of The Angelus Magazine has incredibly good articles in defense of Marriage. But it stops short of naming the foe of Marriage.

    And I think that that’s indicative of the subtle shifts some have been sensing, not in the Truth being proclaimed by the Society, but the presentation of the Truth by the Society. Where once these foes and their errors were named, now– I think, at least– we’re getting the cures, but not being told the names of the diseases.

    My sins lie not only in the things I say or do, but also in the things I fail to say or fail to do.

    I’m not sure if I’m making much sense, but I believe I also may have let fear get the best of me, and I may have acted– and thought– rashly by entertaining conclusions that may or may not yet to play out. But faced with what appears to be these types of omissions, a small amount of panic can set in.

    But I’m terrified of losing what God so graciously has given to me.

    Thank God for Good Priests.

  9. In his sermon at today’s Mass, Father, citing the epistle, mentioned that we must be obedient to authority. But, he meant legitimate authority and not the authority possessed by the enemies of Christ and His Church. That is a distinction that I believe most neo-Catholics do not understand. For the reigning Pope to tell a questioner to follow Cardinal Shoenborn’s advice is a cop-out, pure and simple. Either the reigning Pope is the Vicar of Christ charged with passing on that which he received or, he is an impostor; it’s really one or the other, it can’t be both. The SSPX must follow Tradition; it’s the only sure path.

  10. I believe the SSPX is nuts for even talking to or feeling that they need to be recognized by the modern church or this evil man.

    • But that’s just it. They didn’t, according to Fr, seek the Impostor pope out. He sought them. Fr said emphatically no one needs a non Catholic to tell them they’re Catholic. But if what passes for the Church wants to recognize the Society, then maybe more of the sincere ones who keep away may come. I think this is what Cyprian was trying to tell me a couple of days ago, but in a different manner. Our Priest is young, and recently Ordained. He didn’t sound like a rookie today. God bless him. And I thank God for him.

  11. I don’t know what to think, although I don’t think what’s known is as dire. What one can speculate, though, is a different matter. No, I feel better after talking to Father, I do. He talked off the cuff, but I think I may have put him on the spot. But that’s what allayed my fears. His answers were real.

    Wait and see I guess. Weigh all things as St Paul says.

  12. Bishop Fellay is a wise leader and a holy priest. He will do what is best.

    That being said, my gut feeling:

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