Martyrology-April 18th
Roman Martyrology-April 18th-on this date in various years-

On Mount Senario in Tuscany, St. Amadeo, confessor, one of the seven founders of the Order of Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary, famous for his ardent love for God. His feast, together with that of his companions, is kept on the 12th of February.

At Rome, blessed Apollonius, a senator under Emperor Commodus and the prefect Perennius. He was denounced as a Christian by one of his slaves, and being commanded to give an account of his faith, he composed an able work which he read in the Senate. He was nevertheless beheaded for Christ by their sentence.

At Messina in Sicily, the birthday of the holy martyrs Eleutherius, bishop of Illyria, and Anthia, his mother. He was famous for holiness of life and the power of miracles. During the reign of Hadrian, he was placed on a bed of red-hot iron, on a gridiron, in a vessel filled with boiling oil, pitch, and resin, and also cast to the lions; but remaining unhurt through all of this, they finally cut his throat with a sword. His mother suffered the same torments.

At Cordova, St. Perfectus, priest and martyr, who was slain with the sword by the Moors, because he argued against the sect of Mohammed and firmly insisted on the Catholic faith.

At Messina in Sicily, St. Corebus, the prefect, who was converted to the faith by St. Eleutherius, and died by the sword.

At Brescia, the martyr St. Calocerus, who was converted to Christ by Saints Faustinus and Jovita, and who gloriously triumphed in the test of his confession, in the time of Hadrian.

At Milan, St. Galdini, cardinal bishop of that city, who at the very end of a sermon against heretics, gave up his soul to God.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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