Amoris Laetitia and now this…..schizophrenia!

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17 comments on “Amoris Laetitia and now this…..schizophrenia!

  1. The Lord writes straight with crooked lines. All I can say is: if there are still Catholics out there in doubt about the legitimacy of SSPX sacraments, this might be a good thing.

  2. Since nine out of nine-and-one-half pewsitters had never even heard of the Society prior to 1988, a proportion only marginally enlarged since, almost all of this will be given as much thought amongst the Nervous Ordeal regulars as a veg-o-matic infomercial.

    Thus, I expect yet one more inexplicable dendrite misfire in sunny Nuovo Roma will not have any significant impact on either the NO or the Society.

  3. Did anyone think that the SSPX Priests didn’t offer valid Sacraments before?

    Why would this be news?

    • It’s actually kind of the pope. It removes any burden of conscience on those who would like to go to the SSPX.

      • oy. If his conscience Isn’t bothered by following this pope, he wouldn’t be thinking about the Society. He would have the tasty dish of Tradition from the smorgasbord which is the new yet deformed conciliar Church.

        The Traditional Mass is a matter of taste for this type. Not a conviction for the True Faith. This type, God help him, in his mind, and maybe without even realizing it, admits that Christ founded One Church but 2 religions. The Religion founded by God, and the conciliar one. He wouldn’t be considering the Society with the FSSP and similar conciliar societies founded for the gourmet new-catholic.

        • This type, God help him, in his mind, and maybe without even realizing it, admits that Christ founded One Church but 2 religions.

          At least not everyone attending SSPX chapels is as kind as you. Someone new shows up, gets an earful from you, and they’ll never come back. Wonderful.

          There’s no way that Catholics have to sign up to carry your “2 religion” baggage. (Understand that I agree with you re 2 religions.) Catholics don’t have to agree with anything the SSPX says or does. But they might want to come and learn. That’s good, right? I think that’s good.

          • It isn’t really clear here, Cyprian, what malintentions, if any, you’re ascribing to me personally. So please do clarify. What ‘earful from me’ are you envisioning?

            • And furthermore, exactly why would you put words or intentions in anyone’s mouth and heart without first asking what’s there? That’s just not right, dude. Disagree with me, if you do. Don’t do that to me again, please. Thank you.

          • Huh? I accuse the pope of a kindness and you respond with “oy” and cast aspersions on someone who might have had reservations about visiting the SSPX “This type, God help him, in his mind, and maybe without even realizing it,” but now you recoil as if I’m putting words in your mouth?

            You won’t admit that it’s a good thing the pope has done this, but just want to pick a fight.

            Have a nice day.

  4. Maybe I should wait by my mailbox for a letter from Obama stating my American Citizenship, which I’ve had since 12/3/63, is valid?

  5. Quomodo – I think you are onto something. There is a good parallel case here. You need a validation for your certain Citizenship from Obama whose citizenship is doubtful, just as the SSPX needs a validation for the validity of it’s sacraments from a Pope whose sacraments are doubtful. – Now that all makes perfect sense I hope. :)

  6. Man, I woke up in Oz.

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