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What is a so-called transgender or transsexual? I think that, according to teachings of the Catholic Church until Vatican II, a transgender or transsexual could be defined as a homosexual male (“gay’) or female (lesbian) who is so addicted to and complacent with his/her vice against nature and so delirious in mind that he/she imagines that he/she belongs to the other sex. It is in this hallucinating state of rebellion against nature and God that this person denies his/her own sex and identifies himself /herself with the opposite sex.

It is, therefore, a zenith of vice and revolt that leads to a psychological volte-face of one’s natural identity and, consequently, the search for correspondent surgical operations, which unfortunately today’s medicine allows these people to undergo.

What process must take place in the mind of a Catholic to accept these “identity changes” as normal? I am not referring to the homosexuals themselves, but to those who accept them. I list some of the successive plunges into the moral abysses that this position implies:

He has to accept the Freudian-Jewish philosophical criterion (actually a pathological obsession) that everything in life and history depends principally on sex;

He has to accept that all men have something feminine in them and all women have something masculine, that is, that all of mankind is potentially androgynous – another presupposition that Freud and the Jewish Kabala teach;

He has to accept the consequence of this “scientific” postulation, which is that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, since “it is the way people are born.”

He has to accept that a homosexual should change his/her sex in order to finally “be happy” in his “real” identity.

Now, let me list the denials of Catholic doctrine that each step on this roster implies if one accepts such propositions:

The Catholic has to deny that life and history rely principally on God, the action of the Devil and the will of man;

He has to deny that man committed original sin, which introduced in human nature a principle of disorder and moral corruption;

He has to deny that, as a consequence of original sin, every man has bad tendencies that, if not duly combated, give birth to moral vices including the vice of lust, of which homosexuality is one of the most atrocious perversions – on the same level of bestiality (sex with animals) and necrophilia (sex with cadavers);

He has to accept as normal the quarry of horrors of modern genetic engineering that castrates men, mutilates women’s breasts and replaces natural organs with silicone-like counterparts along with artificial injections of feminine/masculine hormones.
artificial breasts

We are witnessing, therefore, a very high level of moral perversion followed by Frankenstein-style surgeries that give the fallacious impression that those persons are what they will never be. It is not so different from a man addicted to having sexual intercourse with monkeys who becomes so deliriously self-complacent that he believes he was actually born a monkey, and, consequently, he pays a surgeon to make operations and give him injections to make him look like a monkey. We are in the realm of nightmares.

We see that anyone who accepts these moral-physiological aberrations and these “new identities” as normal is in frontal opposition to Catholic doctrine and Natural Law, be he a layman, priest, Bishop or Pope.

The LA Education Congress

From 25 to 28 February, 2016, the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress took place; this event is said to be largest gathering of Catholics in North America. This year it boasted drawing 40,000 participants. Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles named as its director Fr. Christopher Bazyouros, who, with the due episcopal blessing, proceeded to officially promote “Catholic transsexuals.”

Fr. Christopher Bazyouros For the first time in the event’s history, which is notorious for its radically progressivist positions, this topic was included in the program because, according to him, this was an important first step for the Church in grappling with an issue that has received intensive media coverage.

Bazyouros introduced a special workshop in the Congress for this aberration titled “Transgender in the Church: One Body, One Bread.” The name seems to be a blasphemous allusion to the Eucharist where the bread is transformed into the Body of Christ; by extension, through this “providential” surgery a man is transformed into a woman and vice versa.

The priest invited two “transgender Catholics” to be the featured speakers at that workshop, each one claiming a new sex: an “ex”-young man who has assumed the name of Anna Patti, and an “ex”-young woman who is now called Mateo Williamson. Both used their presentations to urge acceptance by a broader body of Catholics. Their talks were attended by about 750 persons including numerous priests, nuns and seminarians. Both speakers received full room standing ovations at the end of their talks.

Bazyouros’ rationale for including the talk, in his own words, is this: “There aren’t many places for Catholics to discuss these things that are thoughtful, intentional and gather people who have this experience. Many Catholics want information about this topic, they want things to help them understand this situation.”

“We were just going with the Pope’s desire to go out and encounter people, to hear their stories,” continued Bazyouros. And he added: “We decided to see what would happen if we hosted a session for people to share their stories. Sometimes issues are just abstract things until you hear people speak about their journeys and, then, you can begin to have a conversation.”

One of the transsexuals also praised Francis, saying that his initiatives “have changed the tone in the Church” to welcome them.

We see, therefore, that both the priest and the transsexuals are trying to justify their actions by the papal reception of two lesbians – one of whom made herself a transgender – at the Vatican and the scandalous washing of the feet of a transsexual inmate by Francis during the Maundy Thursday ceremony in 2015.

Arthur FitzMaurice, who speaks frequently about LGBT issues in the Church and who organized the workshop, said he believes it was the largest discussion devoted to transgenders and Catholicism in the Church’s history. He said that organizers have already asked him to plan a similar workshop next year. (data from Crux)

Waiting in line to be accepted are those addicted to bestiality and necrophilia…

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  1. “What is a so-called transgender or transsexual?”

    An abomination in the eyes of God.
    And don’t anybody tell me “They can’t help it. It’s how they were born.”
    We are all born with original sin. This means that even after baptism we are left with an inclination to sin. Different people might be tempted by different things – pornography, gluttony, gambling, sloth, gossiping etc.

    Some souls may be tempted by a homosexual feeling. In fact many perfectly normal young people go through experiences of attraction to a member of the same sex which seems more than just a friendship attraction to them. When these feelings and thoughts are handled properly in a Catholic and healthy manner, if necessary with wise counsel from a priest or good Catholic teacher, they are passed over and life goes on without problem.

    However, when these same young people are surrounded by a Satanic society which wallows in the depths of depravity, then they are given not just wrong advice, but positively evil advice, and what should have been a passing distraction becomes an all consuming passion – just as Satan wanted it to be.

    There is no such thing as transgenderism. We are each born male or female.

    If some poor benighted child is raised by left wing tree hugging liberals who give all the wrong examples of both masculinity and femininity, then that poor child may start to believe it was actually born into the wrong gender. Instead of being guided back to its true self these same poor excuses for parents will then encourage the child in its misguided path.

    This is nothing less than appalling child abuse. It is an evil for which those parents, and all others involved, will answer to Almighty God. Our Lord warned about those who cause harm to children and He specifically mentioned a millstone being placed around their neck and them being thrown into the sea – strong words indeed!

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