About Cardinal Sarr

Théodore-Adrien Cardinal Sarr, Archbishop Emeritus of Dakar, was ordained by Hyacinthe Cardinal Thiandoum, Deceased Archbishop Emeritus of Dakar, in 1964, who himself was ordained priest by none other than Archbishop Marcel-François Lefebvre in 1949 (Pope Pius XII appointed Marcel, Vicar Apostolic of Dakar, and he was thus consecrated a bishop; the following year, 1948, the pope further honored Bishop Lefebvre by naming him Apostolic
Delegate to French Africa and granting him the title of archbishop). Are the Archbishop’s words: “Tradidi quod et accepi” (I have transmitted what I have received—I Cor. 15:3), inscribed on his tombstone, being followed by his followers in Senegal? Is the Archbishop exercising his influence from the courts of Heaven? We have hope, indeed, that this is true and the modernists in the Hierarchy should shudder at the thought that somehow their disastrous actions will not be sustained.

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  1. Unfortunately, further research indicates that vocations in the Archdiocese of Dakar are almost non-existent. Apparently, the saying that if the Shepherd is struck, the sheep will scatter, is true in that particular place as it is in many of the novus-ordo establishments. One can hardly expect otherwise since there are still many references to Archbishop Lefebvre having been excommunicated or that he “left the church.” This is a calumny that has yet to be corrected by the “apostle of mercy” currently occupying the Chair pf Peter.

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