Africans will not accept Western push for gay ‘marriage’: Senegalese cardinal

Africans will not accept Western push for gay ‘marriage’: Senegalese cardinal


‘We say that no, you can’t decide for the rest of the world,’ warned Cardinal Théodore Adrien Sarr.

Lianne Laurence

ACCRA, Ghana, March 30, 2016 ( ) — Africans will not accept Western dictates to condone homosexuality and gay “marriage,” a Senegalese cardinal told the press prior to a meeting of West African bishops last month.

“Beware…we are living in a world where the Western world, especially the Americans, behave like people who have to think for the rest of the world, they have to decide for the rest of the world,” said Cardinal Théodore Adrien Sarr, Archbishop Emeritus of Dakar, as reported by Ghanaweb.

“But we say that no, you can’t decide for the rest of the world,” added Sarr, past president of the Regional Conference of West Africa, which was meeting in the Ghanaian capital of Accra for its plenary.

Africans must be careful to not be indoctrinated to accept same-sex “marriage,” Sarr warned. “We also have our culture, traditions and so we need to avoid the several limitations of the Western world,” said the 79-year-old cardinal.

“We need to do things based in our traditions, our practices and customs,” he said. “…it is not because you accept it that everybody must also.”

Sarr emphasized that the Catholic Church does not “condemn people who are homosexuals.”

But the Church “cannot promote homosexual marriages because God created male and female for procreation, so the Divine order must be respected,” he said, according to News Ghana.

The Western world is losing its faith, and so could condone anything, Sarr said, and he urged Africans to lead lives directed by God’s word.

According to Ghanaweb, 16 bishops attended the plenary, the second for RECOWA since the Anglophone and Francophone episcopal conferences of West Africa merged in 2009; 150 bishops, archbishops, and dignitaries attended the opening ceremony.

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4 comments on “Africans will not accept Western push for gay ‘marriage’: Senegalese cardinal

  1. [Awaiting Walter Cardinal Kasper’s evaluation of Cardinal Sarr’s statement.]

    ‘Soft racism’: German Bishops’ website attributes African Catholics’ strong faith to simplemindedness

    During last year’s Synod, German Cardinal Walter Kasper went as far as stating that the voice of African Catholics in the area of Church teaching on homosexuality should simply be dismissed.

    African cardinals “should not tell us too much what we have to do,” he said in an October 2014 interview with ZENIT, adding that African countries are “very different, especially about gays.”


    Hahaha! God bless Cardinal Sarr, who got it right: “We say that no, you can’t decide for the rest of the world.” Will Africa save the Church?

  2. The problem in his answer is that he is saying “you are ok with us, then we are ok with you”. What is good and right is not limited to Africa only. This kind of logic is what is reflected at the end of Synod against the family part 2.Bishops need ” autonomy” according to conclusions of 2015

  3. I tend to agree. The Cardinal’s comments are courageous and admirable. But he needs to go on the offensive and attack the promotion of homosexuality as a poisonous evil, a truly “a deadly canker in the body politic.”
    On second thought, maybe he thinks that Western society is doomed, and the quicker it destroys itself the better.
    In any case, I don’t see Africa resisting the homosexual mentality without an enduring and militant moral stand in which the purveyors of homosexualism are correctly branded as aggressors.

  4. Oh I guess this will something else for H. Clinton to get hysterical about over her morning coffee.

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