Could Jesus Be a Chinese Communist?

Could Jesus Be a Chinese Communist?

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Monday, March 28, 2016
By Joe Carter
Acton Institute PowerBlog

If Jesus were alive today, do you think he would be comfortable with the Communist Party government in China?”

That’s a question BBC reporter John Sudworth asked Pastor Wu Weiqing, a Beijing based priest, who serves in an official, state-sanctioned church. The pastor replies without hesitation: “Absolutely. I think so.”

Oh my.

First of all, as the Easter holiday reminds us, Jesus is alive today. Second, Jesus would most definitely not be comfortable with the Communist Party government in China. And the Communist Party government in China would not be comfortable with Jesus.

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    Prisoners of Religious Conscience for the Underground Roman Catholic Church in China

    The following is a list of persons known to the Cardinal Kung Foundation to be Roman Catholics who are confined for their religious belief and religious activity. This list is by no means complete, because of the difficulties in obtaining details. Accordingly, many cases of arrest were not reported here.
    Updated: January 20, 2011

    Bishops Who Died in Prison

    Bishop GAO Kexian 高可賢, Yantai 煙台, Shandong 山東
    Arrested in October, 1999. Died in jail January 24, 2005. (See news report.) Cause of death unknown.

    Bishop HAN Dingxiang 韓鼎祥, Yong Nian 永年, Hebei 河北
    Arrested on or about December 1, 1999. (See our press release January 23, 2000) Died in jail September 9, 2007 at the age of 71. (See press release.) Cause of death unknown.

    Bishops In Prison

    Bishop SHI Enxiang 師恩祥, Yixian 易縣, Hebei 河北
    Arrested April 13, 2001. (See our press release April 22, 2001) His whereabouts are unknown.

    Bishop SU Zhimin 蘇志民, Baoding 保定, Hebei 河北
    Re-arrested October 8, 1997 after 17 months in hiding. (See our press release October 11, 1997) He has disappeared. His whereabouts are unknown.

    Note: Notwithstanding the above lists, almost all underground bishops are either in jail, under house arrest, hiding with or without arrest warrants, in labor-camps, or under severe surveillance.

    Religious In Prison

    In view of frequent turnovers of those religious and faithful who are being jailed, the Foundation has difficulty in obtaining timely information about their detention and release; consequently, the Foundation is unable to compile an updated and reliable list of prisoners of religious conscience in China.

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