FrankenPopeWatch: Merchants of Death Yet Again

FrankenPopeWatch: Merchants of Death Yet Again

Published Monday, March 28, A.D. 2016 | By Donald R. McClarey

PopeWatch: Merchants of Death Yet Again

The Pope knows who is really responsible for the massacre in Brussels:

Three days ago an act of war and destruction in a European city was carried out by people who do not want to live in peace – but behind that act as behind Judas there were others…the arms manufacturers and traffickers who want blood not peace, war not brotherhood”. Francis went on to explain the significance of his act of washing the feet of asylum seekers as Jesus washed his disciples’ feet.

The Pope has a habit of blaming arms manufacturers and merchants for virtually all wars. This is simply delusional, it is not an opinion that a rational person could hold. PopeWatch thus concludes that either the Pope is delusional or is being deliberately mendacious. It is essential to the world view of the Pope that wars be the result of conspiracies of a few evil men, rather than conflicts between groups not amenable to dialogue and compromise. Since that is clearly not the case based upon the evidence, the Pope ignores the facts and continually trumpets a view that is simply false. In a private individual this would merely be sad. It is disastrous for the head of the Catholic Church at this point of history to continually make statements that simply are not true. It is impossible for the Church to address the problem of terrorism when the Pope embraces a completely false notion of why terrorism exists.

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