Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO)

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO)

[Catholic archdiocesan (Portland, Oregon) “ecumenical” involvement in the culture of death]

VOCAL : Voice of Catholics Advocating Life

To Whom it may concern, (from anonymous Oregon Catholic priest),

While it would be tough for me to weigh in on an internal Catholic issue, I can have a personal opinion overall. The biggest problem I have is that if you believe what you claim to believe, why would you put time and energy into an Organization that actively works against that belief? EMO, clearly and unequivocally, has the position that gays and lesbians are not engaged in unnatural sexual relations, essentially they hold homosexual behavior to be OK. Last time I looked, the Catholic Church still, and rightly so under the bible, believe homosexual behavior to be unnatural and immoral. While many of their programs for social justice are great, the Catholic Church doesn’t need to belong to advance those noble causes they do promote.

It is one thing to love and tolerate all sinners, it is quite another to say their sin is ok and free of consequences. By belonging to EMO the Catholic Church is compromising their own values, for what benefit? Whatever benefits they believe come from membership can easily be obtained other ways without giving tacit approval to the homosexual lifestyle.
I am all for having a loving and open dialogue with other Christians about our different interpretations of scripture, but why do I have to join their organization?
Of the five (5) largest denominations in Oregon (by number of members in the State), (Catholic, Mormon, Assemblies of God and Evangelical Lutheran and Foursquare), the Catholic Church is the only one who chooses to be a member.

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  1. What Some of Us Saw at Archbishop Sample’s Installation Mass

    VOCAL : Voice of Catholics Advocating Life

    Reflecting on the Installation mass of Archbishop Alexander Sample, many people had the same impression: it was the “last hurrah” to display pro-abortion/pro-homosexual Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) . They were front and a little left of center of our new Archbishop, in more ways than one.

    Installation masses usually present people from different beliefs and also community leaders to a new Archbishop. But this was truly a EMO parade that was embarrassing to those of us who know the history of this Archdiocese. At the beginning at the procession it looked like Venice Beach in the sixties to me. Lots of bright colors and various nationalities displayed. This was all well and good, even to be expected. However, it was capped off with women in priest collars and a man/woman looking like Pope John Paul II, all in white and gold complete with zucchetto, sitting directly in front of the cathedra. No Baptists in sight.

    Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny’s first words were a joke that, to me and others, went over like a lead balloon with Archbishop Sample, although some penned, “he beamed”. Even as this event was at the Chiles Center and not the Cathedral, the spirit of an Installation is more solemn. His Eminence, Cardinal Levada, watched as the woman he hired as Chancellor, Mary Jo Tully, displayed the Papal Bull, for all to see. She was holding it as if she were showing what round it was in a boxing match. The “Ecumenist of the Year” did her solo performance for her beloved Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. Sorry that this seems uncharitable. It is what we saw at the Installation mass.

    The EMO parade was then introduced to Archbishop Sample, who took it all in stride. His homily and holy boldness hopefully pricked their consciences for those garbed in Roman clerical dress.

    The Lord seemed to give us a “sign” that things would be okay when the acolyte raised the Archbishop’s sleeve as he incensed the altar. The bastion of allowing barely any Tridentine Masses and letting there be opportunities for a solemn mass seemed to be breaking through…a new evangelization. No “motu proprio” here.

    In the procession the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon folks well honored. This was “ecumenical” but were there any pro-life, pro-family churches seen? Were there any Baptists or Evangelicals. They don’t agree with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s anti-life, anti-family stance and distance themselves because of this. But, were they there?

    It must be hard to have a changing of the guard after fifteen years. I felt compassion for Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny who did a great job, even with the little joke. We all agreed on this and also that Bishop Steiner wasn’t his jolly self at all. As with men and their “jobs”, a younger “boss” is sometimes hard to take. Even with women, just to be, well, even.

    Our observations may seem unacceptable to many, but for decades the unacceptable alliance with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon has infiltrated most aspects of our Oregon Catholic lives.

    The Archdiocese of Portland is going to go through a transformation, we pray. The world is going through lots of changes and the church is championing many of these changes. We need a strong man of God at the helm to help Oregon Catholics see the Way, the Truth and the Life.

  2. Archbishop Sample is a good bishop, and he’s young enough to change things and outlive the Mary Jo Tully’s and Archbishop Vlasny’s. Contact him!

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