Carpet-Bombing? Why Mr. Cruz, How Dare You?

Carpet-bombing is also termed saturation-bombing and does not necessarily imply the indiscriminate killing of women and children. What it does imply is that the enemy will have no sanctuary and that he will have no place to hide. Indeed, the good-guys will do everything reasonable and possible to avoid killing innocent victims. But, we know from past experience that certain enemies have no conscience and they will even hide their vicious selves among the women and children to save their sorry behinds. In fact, these sorry dredges of the earth will even use women and children as tools of warfare in their campaign to conquer the earth. So, carpet-bombing may, again the word is may, be necessary to remove this evil scourge from our midst.

N.B. For those concerned I will withhold my vote to the very end hoping for the opportunity for a write-in ballot as I’m not enthused with any of the existing campaigns.

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