‘You Fundamentalist!’: The Last Resort of Ageing Modernists

‘You Fundamentalist!’: The Last Resort of Ageing Modernists

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

… For the Hate Crime of Christian Fundamentalism

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Do you believe Adam and Eve actually existed? How about the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ? Jonah, three days in that big whale?

How about the creation account in the Book of Genesis — is that anything other than a really cool myth?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ve entered the fever swamps of fundamentalism, which makes you a dangerous nutter that the state should probably monitor.

Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara discuss this last refuge of the Modernists—men who are at war, not with what they call ‘fundamentalism’, but with Catholicism itself.

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One comment on “‘You Fundamentalist!’: The Last Resort of Ageing Modernists

  1. I watched this video from Remnant TV and it was excellent as always.
    I am proud to call myself a fundamentalist as I do truly believe the fundamentals of the Faith.
    I guess in the eyes of Fr Longenecker and the Pope this makes me a violence prone Neanderthal.
    Perhaps they may just care to take a second to consider that their peace loving Lord made whips out of rope and physically drove the money changers out of the Temple.
    I guess the use of violence in defence of the truth may occasionally be justified?

    However, some of the peace loving Left here in Australia recently entered the office of a Member of Parliament who opposes the hideous new pro homo sex program they are trying to push into our schools. The peace loving Left trashed the office and terrified the staff. But I guess that is OK because they aren’t fundamentalists.

    I would argue in fact, that the Left are every bit as fundamentalist as true Catholics, the difference is what they believe in as fundamentals is actually from Satan, not God.

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