Mormons Gone Wild! Ted Cruz Introduced by Glenn Beck as the Fulfillment of Mormon Prophecy! … Also, Ted Cruz’s Father Officiates at Dinesh D’Souza’s Second Marriage!

Mormons Gone Wild! Ted Cruz Introduced by Glenn Beck as the Fulfillment of Mormon Prophecy! Mormon Kid Fasts for Cruz! “This is the Priesthood Rising!” Also, Ted Cruz’s Father Officiates at Dinesh D’Souza’s Second Marriage! (This Time It’s a Brunette!)

[A “twofer” – linked by the relation of Cruz’s: father (a Prot minister) and son (a Prez candidate)]

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Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck in Iowa (Cruz is the one in blue)

Yes, it’s come down to the islamophobe* casino mogul vs. the Joe McCarthy lookalike with the whacky Christian fundie links. Don’t blame me, man, I’m originally from Massachusetts.

So yesterday we reported that The Mahound had been instantly deleted from the largest Google+ conservative group for not being anti-Trump enough and for making a joke about the Mormon angel Moroni [see comment below].

Well, the plot has now thickened.

Ted Cruz, now the great white hope of the Republican anti-Trumpsters (unless and until there is a brokered convention) has apparently gone full-Mormon. After being backhandedly “endorsed” by Mitt Romney, Cruz was introduced by Glenn Beck at a Utah campaign rally as being, along with Mormon junior senator Mike Lee, a fulfillment of Mormon prophecy. Beck also drew attention to a young Mormon kid who had been fasting every Tuesday for a Cruz electoral win: “This is the new priesthood rising!”

[Dinesh D’Souza with his latest fiancee/now wife and Ted Cruz’ father/Prot-minister]

In other news, establishment conservative and lapsed Catholic Dinesh D’Souza announced that he is getting married again. D’Souza resigned from the Presidency of King’s College a few years ago after appearing at a Christian conference with a young twenty-something blonde who he claimed was his new fiancé, though it was quickly pointed out that he was still married to his first wife, Dixie at the time. The new new fiancé is a Venezuelan brunette [second “marriage” for both] (no word on what happened to the blonde [Denise Joseph (nee Odie), who decided to stay with her husband, Louis Joseph II, M.D.]).

[Dinesh’s former mistress/fiancee, Denise Joseph II (nee Odie) showing off her hubby and her ring]

Ted Cruz’s father–ultra-“family values” minister Rafael Cruz–will officiate at the wedding.

The crisis continues.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

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11 comments on “Mormons Gone Wild! Ted Cruz Introduced by Glenn Beck as the Fulfillment of Mormon Prophecy! … Also, Ted Cruz’s Father Officiates at Dinesh D’Souza’s Second Marriage!

  1. Posted by Oakes Spalding:

    FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2016

    The Loser Claims that the Angel Moroni Told Him to Vote for Ted Cruz Until a More Acceptable White Guy in a Suit Can be Found

    No Reaganite I know would ever speak at the Hinckley Institute

    Okay, I lied about part of what I claimed in the post title. The Loser can sue me if he wants.

    But here’s what The Loser actually just wrote on his Facebook page:


    Vulgarity. Oh, that’s just so awful. It makes me want to drink a glass of milk and launch a mob attack against a rival cult organization.

    * * *

    SATURDAY, MARCH 19, 2016

    The Angel Moroni Told The Conservative Union to Ban The Mahound

    Moderators of The Conservative Union pose at a Never Trump rally

    So, last time it was the largest Google+ Catholic group. This time it was the largest Google+ Conservative group.

    Yeah, I know it looks like a pattern. So feel free to laugh. I’ll laugh too after I finish my gin.

    I think the official reason given was that I insulted Mormons:

    Our community was created to promote conservatism. Your bigoted post attacks the religious beliefs of Mormons who are predominantly conservative. It does not promote conservative values. This divides us. We need to unite with all conservatives.

    The offending blog was titled:

    The Loser Claims that the Angel Moroni Told Him to Vote for Ted Cruz Until a More Acceptable White Guy in a Suit Can be Found

    Well, I thought it was funny.

    I was also accused of using the group to drive traffic to my blog, composing click-bait headlines that I freely admitted contained lies, not interacting enough with other members on other posts, dissing the moderators of the group (by using a rude term) outside of the group in the “Public” portion of my Google feed, and not being sufficiently grateful to the moderators in the past for heroically rescuing my bigoted click-baiting, self-promotional posts from the group’s spam filter.

    With great fanfare, one of the moderators, Delbert Warner also told me he was also removing me from his “Spiritual circle.” That did explain the tremor I had felt in The Force.

    Now I get the fact that my blog is quirky and often has silly headlines that some may find offensive. So I probably should have known that my Moroni joke would stir things up among the humorless white breads of The Conservative Union.

    But please. Every moderator (and the three or four other members) who participated in the anti-Mahound mob fest is a virulent anti-Trumpster.

    Probably the majority of posts in The Conservative Union are virulently anti-Trump, with anti-Obama and anti-Hillary posts running a distant second. When some brave Trumpster does put something up, the anti-Trumpsters (including some of the moderators) swoop into the comments and shout “fascism!” or whatever.

    I think that’s a bit fascist.

    What was that about “division” and “uniting all conservatives”?

    It’s utter bull, of course.

    As readers of my blog might know, I’ve been hard on all the candidates. I’ve probably been more “pro” Cruz than anyone else, though recently I’ve written some neutral or quasi-pro pieces on Trump. The offending post in question wasn’t even pro-Trump. It was anti-Romney, if that makes sense.

    But in the largest Google+ conservative group you have to tow the anti-Trump line completely or else they’ll look for a reason to screw with you. You can’t even write anything neutral about the man. To say again, I find that, yes, fascistic, especially considering the stated goals of the group.

    And the “promoting my blog” thing is silly. I get very little traffic from the group and have posted in it once every two weeks on average. I should say that there is a fellow who links to his conservative blog almost every day in the group. Unlike Mahound’s Paradise, his blog is filled with moneymaking doodads. But he’s an anti-Trumpster and always gets the expected “amens” in the comments. I’m not criticizing him or his blog. For all I know, he and it are wonderful. I’m just pointing out the disparity.

    As readers of this blog know, I’m a traditionalist Catholic who is anti-Islam and pro-Israel. To the extent that I have a more religiously or politically neutral schtick, I like making fun of people who I find pretentious and disingenuous, primarily when I see them maliciously putting down others in a serial fashion (as the mods in the Conservative Union have oh so nastily done to Trump supporters).

    That schtick just got ten feet higher.

    There is a much larger issue. I fully expect that at some point in the future, Mahound’s Paradise will be banned from social media due to its anti-Islam stance. Or rather, I think there is a more than 50/50 chance. No doubt, Delbert would approve. But until then, I want to continue the small-time truth to power thing as energetically as I can, hopefully without getting so angry that I use an excessive number of rude words. See that Public Google+ thread if you want to learn a few.

    As a Catholic, one should be charitable, especially publicly. But one should also challenge lies and defend those who are unjustly attacked. Sometimes it seems that there may be a conflict or at least a tension between the two (though there can never of course be a real conflict). Please pray for me that I find the right balance.

    Or if you see me not finding it, you can just give me a kick.

  2. Oakes, I had a laugh at your Romney headline. After second thoughts, I had a second laugh!

    I told Ted to get away from Glenn Beck. He don’t listen to his donors. Too bad, Ted.

    • Thanks!

      That’s interesting. Do you know Cruz personally? I wasn’t really following the election until a few months ago. Does the Cruz-Beck alliance go way back?

      There seems to be this pervasive vague mistrust of Cruz, especially among those conservatives who would be most likely to agree with him on positions. It’s as if people think he will do or say anything to win, which is weird because he seems pretty consistent on the issues. Perhaps this is an example of that.

      Among my conservative friends, all of us used to like Beck and all of us think he is a nut now.

      • OakesSpalding says:

        Does the Cruz-Beck alliance go way back?

        Not too far back, and on and off. For example, a year ago:

        Glenn Beck on Ted Cruz: ‘I’m not sure that he could govern’

        By EDDIE SCARRY • 5/4/15

        Conservative radio host Glenn Beck said on his show Monday that he’s “not sure” Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is able to “govern.”

        Beck made the comment while discussing each of the potential GOP presidential nominees and what he saw as their ability to lead.

        “We are looking at unbelievable times ahead of us,” Beck said. “And I would say on this, I’m not sure [Cruz] could get the coalition together. He’ll be a bulldog and he’ll stand for principles but I’m not sure that he could govern. I’m not sure yet.”

        One of Beck’s co-hosts asked how Cruz compared to former president Ronald Reagan.

        “Reagan had charm,” Beck said. “He had charm.”

        Beck’s remarks are somewhat of a departure in tone from previous statements about Cruz.

        After Cruz announced his candidacy for the White House in late March, Beck said on his show that he had spoken with Cruz on the phone about the announcement beforehand. “In this conversation he told me that he had spent about two hours with his children and his wife in prayer, making the final decision this week,” Beck said at the time. “And I have to tell you, that means the world to me, and I think a lot of Americans.”

      • I don’t know Ted. I live in the gay people’s republic of Massachusetts, so Ted is my adopted senator. Ted has suffered a lot of character assassination, especially from Trump, and it’s weathered him. He should know better than to let Beck get too close, and shouldn’t have blamed Trump for the BLM protests in Chicago. But I’m still with him.

        I liked Beck on Fox years ago, especially a presentation of Communist infiltration into our society. He’s been an emotional roller coaster and televangelist-wannabe over the past several years. I see Tammy Faye Bakker’s makeup running whenever I hear him having an episode. (Is that mean of me?) Hence, I’ve avoided him for quite awhile now.

  3. Do traditionalist Catholic and pro-Israel go together?

    • I can’t speak for any other trads, but for me they don’t!

      • I don’t think they have to, obviously. But I also don’t think they are obviously opposed. Not that this makes it right or wrong but among my trad friends there’s a pretty wide split on the issue. Yet I would say it’s 60/40 on the pro-side. One starting point is opposition to Islam. Many Muslims call Israel “the Crusader state,” which I think is actually sort of appropriate.

        • Well, if you asked St. Pius X, as Herzl did, you’d receive an emphatic no. But that was regarding the inception of Israel. Now that the League of Nations imposed the edict 94 years ago, and generations of Jewish folks have built a nation there, what do we say?

          The issue is defining “support.” Not my tax dollars, please. Not some special obeisance because of their Jewishness, as the evangelicals love to do. But as an ally against Islam and terrorism, I’m OK with that. Also, you can sometimes influence behavior of an ally, although I suspect Israel has used that in reverse to get the US to do its bidding.

  4. You must be joking?

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