Cdl. Dolan Celebrates Gays in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Cdl. Dolan Celebrates Gays in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

“Thrilled” that “decades of division” have been overcome


[Cardinal Tiny Tim schmoozes with sodomites and pro-sodomites]

by Christine Niles • Church Militant • March 18, 2016

NEW YORK ( – New York’s Cdl. Timothy Dolan is celebrating greater inclusion at this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which has lifted its ban on homosexuals and allowed two gay activist groups to march officially under their own banners.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who dropped his boycott of the parade and marched through the streets of New York City Thursday, praised the event for welcoming homosexuals.

“I think it sends a moral signal,” he told the press. “This says that New York City is whole again, that the people of New York City are unified, and that we’re learning to overcome division.”

Cardinal Dolan and de Blasio warmly embraced, Dolan telling a reporter from the local CBS affiliate that he was “thrilled” that “decades of division” had been overcome.

“There’s a great spirit … a wonderful sense of unity and friendship,” Cdl. Dolan remarked. “I’d say ‘Alleluia’ but I can’t because it’s Lent.”

Former New York City councilwoman Christine Quinn — a Catholic in a same-sex “marriage” — also praised the inclusion of homosexuals. “It’s hard to describe the kind of thrill of walking down the street to the parade as opposed to walking down the street to get arrested,” she remarked.

The reporter also stated that de Blasio credited Pope Francis “and the intervention of Cdl. Dolan” with helping parade organizers “change their tune.”

Earlier this week, Cdl. Dolan expressed gratitude that the parade had “preserved” its Catholic identity:

It is important, especially given the strong secular currents in our society today, that we not forget why this parade exists. It is not just the Irish Parade: We march to honor St. Patrick. That is why so many cringe at and resist pleas to weaken the Catholic origins of the parade. …

While everyone is invited to march in the parade and all are welcome, no one is permitted to use it for causes that are extrinsic to its origins. …

I thank those who love and lead the parade for assuring us all that the original intent of the parade, which has flourished for over two-and-a-half centuries — to celebrate the faith, heritage, culture and tradition of Ireland — is preserved.

Faithful Catholics are questioning, however, how a parade hosting gay activist groups openly promoting anti-Catholic positions like same-sex acts and gay marriage honors St. Patrick or preserves the “faith, heritage, culture and tradition of Ireland” — especially in light of the fact that former Democrat senator George Mitchell, who supports abortion and same-sex marriage, led the march as Grand Marshal.

“Peace, openness, inclusion — let’s all work together for a better future for people, Irish-Americans, all Americans, all people,” he announced before the parade began.

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6 comments on “Cdl. Dolan Celebrates Gays in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

  1. And with commies like de Blasio.
    Considering the New York diocese is infested with fags it’s no wonder that their most visible supporter (Dolan) is all for “inclusion”.
    Anybody that gives money or supports anything connected with the Novus Ordo establishment that helps fund this rot and its agents like Dolan are just as bad.

  2. “By their fruits ye shall know them”, and his chancery has plenty of them. What a disgusting display of concession to the Devil and his minions!

  3. “There’s a great spirit … a wonderful sense of unity and friendship,” Cdl. Dolan remarked. “I’d say ‘Alleluia’ but I can’t because it’s Lent.”
    What about the sodomy in the rectories and the stealing in the parishes . You condone this and won’t say anything against it, because it is Lent. The Church needs new Cardinals and Bishops,, along with a new Pope or the Catholic Church is gone. Also, New York needs a new Mayor fast, or the crime rates will be out of control. Over 80 % of the NYPD can’t stand Big Bird De Blasio !
    Most of us can’t stand Dolan ! No Catholic Organization should have marched in this Parade. Good St. Patrick, now we know where all the snakes went when you kicked them out of Ireland. They are marching today in the Parade.


    Down, down
    Fifth Avenue
    So grand

    Down, down
    Fifth Avenue

    Down, down
    Fifth Avenue
    To lead the

    But down,
    Down, down
    They’ll go
    Where to wail in God’s ire . . . land!

  5. What is in the cardinal’s background, hmmmmmm

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