NY Lawmaker Stabbing Cdl. Dolan in the Back

NY Lawmaker Stabbing Cdl. Dolan in the Back

Archbishop of New York purportedly remained silent on gay marriage for political favors

[“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”: The NY liberal establishment again uses Cardinal Tiny Tim to further its agenda (this time a $15 minimum wage) and then ignores His Immensity’s one-item agenda to get tax credits for parents with children in private (including Catholic) schools]

by Joseph Pelletier • Church Militant • March 17, 2016

ALBANY, NY – The cardinal of New York is facing the consequences of playing politics.

Following a rally Tuesday in Albany advocating for a $15 minimum wage, Dolan was denied a meeting with state assembly speaker Carl Heastie; according to Brooklyn bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, who accompanied Dolan, the snub was a definite signal from the speaker that he “obviously seems to be against the tax credit.”

The tax credits in question are intended to benefit families whose children attend private and parochial schools, which, while earning support from state senate Republicans, has received much opposition from state assembly Democrats, backed by public school teacher’s unions, who claim the legislation would threaten public schools and unjustly benefits the wealthy. According to the cardinal in January, the legislation had the support of Speaker Heastie, among other state leaders.

“[The speaker] doesn’t feel he can do it so he’s not speaking to us, which is a disappointment,” speculated Bp. DiMarzio. “This is unfortunate because we’re used to talking with everybody. We don’t have to agree, but at least we have the courtesy of speaking directly.”

While in Albany Dolan did meet with both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Republican senate majority leader John Flanagan. A spokesman for Heastie is claiming the chancery never made an appointment with the speaker.

The push for education tax credits has been a year-long joint-effort between Cdl. Dolan and professed Catholic Democrat governor Cuomo. Though it has already failed to pass the legislature, the cardinal is continuing to push the legislation, stating earlier this year before the state senate that he and the governor were hoping the credits “would come up again” and stressed the pair would “make sure that it does.”

“Last year was one of the most successful years we had in [building] a coalition, getting bipartisan support, having the vigorous engagement of the governor, having our people rallied up and ready to go, and we came very close,” Dolan asserted. “Was there a sense of disappointment that we didn’t make it? You bet there was, but for us that was not to say ‘it’s over,’ but to say ‘wait until next year, we’re going to try even harder.'”

But the crusade for tax credits has come with a cost. Sources close to the New York archdiocese are telling Church Militant that in exchange for the passing of the legislation, Cdl. Dolan agreed to keep relatively quiet on the passing of so-called gay marriage in New York in 2011. The silence of the chancery was so conspicuous it led the New York Times to describe the cardinal’s efforts as “low-key.”

Following the vote and approval of so-called same-sex marriage, the cardinal continued to remain largely silent on the issue, apart from a blog post published nearly two weeks after the law passed in which he stated he was sorry if the Church “hurt anybody in [Her] defense of marriage” and is “honored that so many [homosexuals] are at home within [the] Catholic family.”

Similarly in February, Cdl. Dolan and the New York bishops kept quiet after Gov. Cuomo announced he plans to ban all forms of gay conversion therapy for minors seeking to get rid of unwanted same-sex desires, labeling the therapy a “hateful and fundamentally flawed practice.”

A statement released by the communications director for the New York State Catholic Conference of Bishops — representing Cdl. Dolan and the state’s 23 other bishops — announced:

In the past, bills have been introduced in the state legislature that would have banned insurance coverage for these therapies for minors. The Catholic Conference has not taken a position on these bills, and we do not foresee taking a position on the Governor’s executive action in this regard either.

Media outlets were then encouraged to seek comment from the group New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, an alliance of Evangelical churches that publicly opposes the regulations.

Church Militant reached out to the speaker’s district and Albany offices for comment, but as of press time has not received a response.

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