Edmonton Catholic School trustees pass “inclusivity” policy

Edmonton Catholic School trustees pass “inclusivity” policy

Edmonton Catholic school trustees vote to approve a new policy aimed at supporting LGBTQ staff and students

[Perversity through “inclusivity”: Another “Catholic” capitulation to the culture of death]

By Phil Heidenreich
Edmonton Catholic School trustees pass inclusivity policy; suspend basic school fees for 2016-17

EDMONTON- With a March 31 deadline looming, trustees with the Edmonton Catholic School District passed an inclusivity policy Tuesday night, one aimed at addressing how to accommodate LGBTQ students and staff.

The board’s revised policy states that “the mission of each school is to help students grow as children of God [or the devil?] in all aspects of their person: physically, academically, socially, emotionally, [im-]morally and [un-]spiritually.”

The policy goes on to say that staff and students at Edmonton Catholic schools will be provided with an environment free of discrimination of any type, not just discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.

Education Minister David Eggen has given Alberta school boards until the end of this month to submit their draft policy framework on the issue and has also reserved the right to overrule any board that denies students the ability to form gay-straight alliances (GSAs).

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