RIP Joseph

Dearest friends, Joseph died this morning.
Linda held his hand and prayed.
He was mostly comatose, but would lift his hand up (to heaven?)
Linda told him he could go now, but told him when he gets to Heaven he has to pray for the Priest,
her and the kids, me and all the wonderful people who prayed for him.
He died wearing the green scapular and the brown scapular.

Linda said to please “Thank you so very much.”
I too thank you my friends, more than I can ever say!
God bless you now and forever!

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10 comments on “RIP Joseph

  1. Requiescat in pace/May his memory be eternal.

  2. Prayers for Joseph’s soul and for his family. I hope Theresa is taking this well.

  3. Perpetual light shine on him O Lord, and may he, and all the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace. Amen

    You’re all in my prayers.

  4. Requiescat in pace/May his memory be eternal.

  5. Thank you so very much!
    adoro te, I think the children’s main concern was the salvation of their dad.
    Now that he received the Holy Sacraments they are at peace.
    The other children are reacting normally, but Teresa doesn’t want to talk about it or think about it yet. Her mother (Linda) thinks in time, Teresa will be fine.
    Thank you so much, adoro te.

  6. Oh how good is our Lord and our Lady! I am so incredibly relieved that Joseph received the Sacraments. I prayed the green scapular prayer and the Memorare every day for his salvation.

    What is Joseph’s last name? I want to put him into my long list of deceased relatives and friends that I pray for. Also, every November I want to make sure his name is placed for the entire month on our chapel’s high altar.

    May he rest in peace indeed. And Joseph, pray for my own Joseph’s salvation.

  7. Oh zuzu, how precious is your letter!
    For a year you persevered, thank you!
    Yes, Our Lord and Our Lady are so very good.
    He is Italian and came to the USA when a 12 year old child.
    He used to tell Linda of all the miracles he’d see when in Italy.
    I don’t know what happened, but Our Lady sure did fix it in the end.
    Linda said the last day Joseph was in great pain.
    Linda then placed the Brown Scapular around Joseph’s neck.
    Our Lady then let him rest under her mantle, and he died without pain and in peace.
    I am sure Joseph will pray for your Joseph!
    Linda reminded him when he got to heaven to pray for everyone that prayed for him.
    Thank you ZUZU for everything.

  8. Prayers continuing for the family.
    Please add prayers for the repose of Mel Cromie’s soul, one of our parishioners. He died this morning (March 18).

  9. Thank you so much adoro.
    Mel Cromie’s soul, and his family will be added to my rosaries.

  10. Mel’s requiem mass is Tuesday at 11am NZ time. Thank you for the prayers.

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