The Only Answer

The only answer other than prayer and sacrifice is to demand write-in ballots for the presidential election thereby allowing voters to choose the candidate that best measures up to his/her expectations. The so-called primaries and conventions are nothing more than predetermined media events in the hands of party elites. Can you imagine the howls and screams from the “establishments” of both parties were such a policy to be enforced? Only then, would the voters be in charge and the establishment goons be put in their place. In short, the electoral college system needs to be scrapped. This is all the more important now when we are being forced by the government to support, through our tax dollars, the right(?) of Susie Q. to abort her child. That, my dear friends, makes us complicit in the terrible crime of infanticide – a crime which calls out to Heaven for vengeance. May God have Mercy on us.

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One comment on “The Only Answer

  1. 2016 is an off-year election in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts with no state-wide offices or senatorial seat on the ballot. It can also be called the Democratic Republic of Massachusetts, because for my ward and precinct there will be no Republican candidates on the ballot other than for the presidential/vice-presidential slot: Not for Congressman, state senator, state representative or dog-catcher (if that position were on the ballot). Thus, if one were to vote, it would truly be a bullet ballot. I will vote not necessarily for the Republican ticket. It makes no difference whether or not I vote for that slot on the ballot, because there is no chance that a Republican presidential candidate could carry Massachusetts unless the Republicans nominated the Democratic candidate. I will vote because of some referendum questions especially against an attempt to legalize recreational marijuana (“medical” marijuana was legalized in the last statewide election).

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