Remaining Hartford Catholic school set to close along with others in the archdiocese

Remaining Hartford Catholic school set to close [along with others in the archdiocese]


[The spring(?)time of Vatican II comes to the Hartford archdiocesan school system]

Posted: Mar 11, 2016
Rob Polansky

Hartford, CT — The last Catholic school in Hartford is set to close.

St. Augustine School will be merging with St. Brigid in West Hartford.

School officials said the issue is with the St. Augustine building itself. It would cost more than $8 million to update.

It needs structural repairs, classroom maintenance and technological upgrades.

As a result, St. Augustine’s pastor reached out to the pastor of St. Brigid about merging.

Next year, the schools will form the St. Brigid-St. Augustine Partnership School in West Hartford.

St. Brigid has been updated and the merger will help fill it up, according to school officials.

Students in Hartford will still be able to ride the bus to West Hartford and tuition assistance will be made available to those relocating to the new school.

The school currently has 146 students, down from a peak of more than a thousand decades ago. Another Catholic school in Hartford closed in 2014.

This isn’t the first time a Catholic school announced a closing in the Greater Hartford Diocese.

St. Gabriel School in Milford and St. Anthony Elementary in Bristol are both scheduled to close due to declining enrollment.

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12 comments on “Remaining Hartford Catholic school set to close along with others in the archdiocese

  1. How long until we see the headline, “Vatican Set to Close Scores of US Dioceses”? Just a matter of time.

  2. Lets be serious from the start Vatican 2 was a way to destroy the faith by modernists liberals homosexuals and all other deviants. They want to see the influence of the Catholic Church to be destroyed everywhere even in the local neighborhood, this has been a Satanic inspired program from the start

    • To apply a well-known phrase from the writer Salmon Rushdie about the Koran (which earned him a fatwa death sentence from the imams and made him go into hiding for several years): Through the “Satanic verses” of Vatican II. The late Michael Davies called them “time bombs” (see ).

    • I agree! Remember that six or seven protestant ministers helped to form the new liturgy and give advice at the council. Taize was a part of it and therefore the new mass is a result of protestant invasion. The enemy is all around and look at the fruits of the council! Only the truly faithful to tradition will save the church now. At first, the liturgy was changed, then later come the immoralists who want to change doctrine. There has been nothing but trouble ever since that council which opened the doors to the evil we have endured slushing around in the church today. The only cure is to keep the old faith alive and let the rest go by the wayside due to liberalism and watered down teachings. The end of liberalism leads to atheism which is the main goal of Satan.

    • The trads must take over some of these closed schools or start others. Let the modernists close things. We can emerge and start new and better schools with the right faith. Also, tell things like it is. Teach people where the council went wrong and what is wrong teaching in the new church. Encourage people to leave liberal parishes and join strict conservative ones and fight the liberals and not give in to them. Raise lots of traditional kids and teach them how to fight evil and not marry the wrong people. We can conquer this evil if we have courage.

  3. Hartford is a hotbed for satanism.

  4. Since the Land O’Lakes conference agenda after Vatican II pulled in the Trojan horse of anti-Catholic infiltrators most Catholic colleges and universities abandoned teaching the Catholic faith and many do not even hire Catholics as faculty members. You can read all about the Planned Parenthood banshee being invited to speak at Georgetown to the largely dumbed-down anti-Catholic student body. Then you can add to that what people find going on in most Novus Ordo parishes suffering under the confusion and disorientation of the Spirit of Vatican II. In the northeast the American economy combined with taxation levels is not favorable for large Catholic families. Moreover, the lackluster modernist bishops of the USCCB do very little to address any of these issues as they pursue a godless “progressive” political agenda that follows the lead of secular liberal Democrats while a fruitcake insurgency has gutted the priesthood, seminaries, and even entire dioceses. They are going to lose more schools, parishes, and colleges as long as these anti-Catholic trends continue and they refuse to end the suppression of the Catholic faith and Catholic culture in the name of relevance, dialogue, and modernist aggiornamento.

    • Then it is up to the traditionalists to replace these closed schools with traditional schools or extended home school groups and keep the true faith going as the liberals gradually lose members as they lose interest in religion altogether. Soon, the only good schools will be the private independent ones that have nothing to do with public schools or modernist “catholic” schools which allow bad things in them.

  5. They closed a school that was a century old in our diocese because of a deficit around $650,000 (around the cost of vacation homes of people in the parish). Under one million dollars. No one from the Archbishop’s office or staff contacted me or my father (or anyone else I know) in writing for a fundraising drive to save the school. There was no organized attempt to save the school. There is an agenda and a bias at work here. Along with the smoke of Satan.

    The bishops of the USCCB apparently are not interested in saving Catholic schools or defending the faith in Catholic education. Did you see the Washington diocese’s weak, limp-wristed rebuke of Georgetown? A lot of fluff. We need bishops who are dedicated Catholic priests who demonstrate that they understand the stakes involved in losing Catholic schools and colleges. It’s damnation and the reign of the Devil in the culture of death that results from losing Catholic schools and colleges. Until they realize that and act and speak like they get it, these sad stories of closings will continue.

    • Add to that the sellout of Catholic hospitals, and the picture becomes clear. Were there a deliberate plan to undermine the Church, decimate religious orders, prevent the passing on of the Faith to the children, and sully the once-shining pillars of charity in our orphanages and hospitals, I can’t imagine that plan being more effective than what has transpired over the last 50 years. Hence, an enemy has done this, and you can count the popes, cardinals, and bishops as enemies or useful idiots who either fear to speak out or deliberately destroy what they touch.

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