Catholic Headteacher Awarded an LGBT Rainbow Flag Award

Catholic Headteacher Awarded an LGBT Rainbow Flag Award

Liverpool Archbishop McMahon Has a Duty to Defend Catholic Truth and Parental Rights

Torch of The Faith News on Friday 11 March 2016

The gravity of the situation developing at Sacred Heart ”Catholic” Primary School, in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, cannot be overestimated. Nor can the troubling silence with which it has so far been greeted by the bishops, clergy and laity of the Archdiocese.

The whole situation represents a veritable bridgehead of the LGBT movement into Catholic education in this Archdiocese.

We reported yesterday [see comment below] that the Headteacher, Miss Carrie Morrow, had allowed a group of adults to perform a drama, before the young children at the school, about two princes who ”fall in love” with each other.

Further to that, the children were given a lesson telling them when it is acceptable to use the word ”gay”. They also took part in designing logos for the Wigan ”Gay Pride” event in August.

As we noted yesterday, one of the parents, Mr. Julian Marsh, received a visit from local police responding to complaints of ”hate crime” after he had posted his reactions on social media. The main thrust of Mr. Marsh’s reaction seems to be the manner in which his parental rights had been completely usurped. Indeed, he only discovered that any of this had happened when his young son came home and told him what he had been learning about ”gays” during the day at the supposedly Catholic school.

Since then, various media sources have been using the ”homophobic” label to castigate Mr. Marsh and others who complained. In this instance that moniker either originated with – or at least was spurred on by – Miss Carrie Morrow’s unrepentant public response to parental complaints. As well as stating that she is proud of her actions, Miss Morrow added: ”We have been quite bold and it has not been without some negativity from the community. We are not intimidated as we know such homophobic attitudes are in the minority.”

Miss Morrow has now been awarded an ”LGBT Rainbow Flag Award” for her actions

The latest on-line edition of Wigan Today has broken the story that Miss Carrie Morrow and the school have now been given, what is described as, ”a prestigious award for its work tackling homophobia.”

And so we have the spectacle of a ”Catholic” school receiving a Rainbow Flag Award from the LGBT Proud Trust; whilst local parents are being depicted as social pariahs.

The Wigan Today article has a photograph of Miss Morrow, a couple of youth workers, the local councillor and several young children in front of the LGBT rainbow flag award. This has been placed at the centre of a wall display that features artwork of same-sex pairings drawn by the children; and also comment notes by the students about being proud of who you are and supporting friends who tell them they are gay. Miss Morrow said: ”Our children are now seeing and hearing things about gay people more regularly, with LGBT characters on TV and in family-viewing shows. Other people they may admire are coming out, most recently George from Union.”

There are several things that have to be said:

1. Miss Morrow has been employed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool to run a Catholic school. This means that she is there to uphold the school’s Catholic ethos and mission; rather than to promote alternative agendas. The framework for the mission of Catholic schools is governed by the natural and divine law, a continuous tradition of Magisterial documents, Canon Law and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

2. Whilst it is a common tactic used by radicals to present their opponents as being merely minority extremists, employees of the Catholic Church have a duty to pass on the Catholic Faith in its entirety, to protect the innocence of children and to respect the rights and duties of their parents.

3. The description of concerned parents as ”homophobes” – and the subsequent exposure and hostile labelling of Mr. Marsh and other concerned parents in various popular media sources – could easily be seen as a form of bullying in itself.

4. In light of the above point, how can it be consistent for a headteacher to act in this manner, whilst suggesting that she is standing up to bullying? Indeed, we can only shudder to think how Mr. Marsh’s son, and the children of other parents who have complained, must be feeling at this time. How has their dignity, and that of their parents, been upheld in any of this?

5. The Catholic Church upholds the rights and duties of parents as the primary educators of their own children. The Second Vatican Council reaffirmed this aspect of the natural and divine law in paragraph 3 of Gravissimum Educationis.

This essential point was again reaffirmed in paragraph 42 of the Pontifical Council for the Family’s 1995 teaching document The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality. This states: ”Since they have conferred life on their children, parents have the original, primary and inalienable right to educate them; hence they… have the right to educate their children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions, taking into account the cultural traditions of the family.”

Further to this, paragraph 43 adds: ”Sex education, which is a basic right and duty of parents, must always be carried out under their attentive guidance, whether at home or in educational centres chosen and controlled by them. In this regard, the Church reaffirms the law of subsidiarity, which the school is bound to observe when it co-operates in sex-education, by entering into the same spirit that animates the parents.”

In any case, paragraph 78 of the same document deals with the years of innocence from about five years of age until puberty. It teaches: ”This period of tranquillity and serenity must never be disturbed by unnecessary information about sex.”

In point (b) of paragraph 125, this authorative document reminds: ”Homosexuality should not be discussed before adolescence unless a serious problem has arisen in a particular situation. This subject must be presented only in terms of chastity, health and the truth about human sexuality in its relationship to the family as taught by the Church.”


The way this situation is dealt with by the Archbishop Maclolm McMahon will set a precedent for how it will be dealt with in other Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese. It can be seen as a kind of test case with Miss Morrow pushing the envelope to see how far she can go. Already, the drama group who performed this so-called ”gay-play” at the school are soon to perform to various schools in the St. Helens area – we do not have details of which schools yet.

As it stands, we have a situation where: young primary school children have been exposed to the normalization of homosexual relationships inside a supposedly Catholic school; parents who resisted – having only found out after the event – have been uncharitably dismissed as a ”homophobic minority” by the school’s headteacher; parents who resisted have also been exposed in a hostile light by various popular media outlets; and up to now nobody from the Archdiocese has made a public stand to defend God’s rights, Catholic morality, the innocence of these children, or the rights and duties of their parents.

The ultimate responsibilty for all of this lies with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon.

If he does not act, and soon, then Catholics throughout the Archdiocese have a duty to stand up for the rights of God, the children, the parents and the Church.

Perhaps people think that by remaining silent before this LGBT juggernaut then they will be safe. At best, this is naive. In any case, to remain silent at a time like this would be sinful.

Mark this well: We have reached a decisive moment in the history of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. May Christ give us all the courage to defend Christ’s Truth and His little ones.

Pope Leo XIII: ”The world has heard enough of the so-called rights of man. Let it hear something of the rights of God.”

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One comment on “Catholic Headteacher Awarded an LGBT Rainbow Flag Award

  1. Wounding the Sacred Heart in the Archdiocese of Liverpool

    Torch of The Faith News on Thursday 10 March 2016

    When we studied at Steubenville, Dr. Barbara Morgan frequently reminded us of Christ’s warning, found in Matthew 18:6, to those who teach in His Name; but who cause His little ones to stumble by giving their own ideas and false doctrines instead. She would simply say with a firm voice: ”Remember the millstone!”

    I was reminded of this grave warning today, when I learned that Miss C. Morrow, the Headteacher at Sacred Heart ”Catholic” primary school in Atherton, has not only been using her position to promote homosexualist ideology to young children, and going over the heads of local parents to do this; but has even publicly stated that she is ”proud” of what she has done.

    Under the biased headline Wigan headteacher stands up to homophobia following ‘gay play’ row, the Manchester Evening News has explained how Miss Carrie Morrow had allowed a play to be performed, in the primary school, which depicted two princes ”falling in love” with each other.

    The parents had not even been consulted about any of this. Local dad Julian Marsh was shocked when his young son returned from, what is meant to be a Catholic school, and began explaining what he had learned about ”gays” during the day.

    It seems that the schoolchildren had also been given a lesson on ”when it is appropriate” to use the word ”gay”, as well as being asked to design a logo for Wigan’s ”Gay Pride” festival in August.

    When Mr. Marsh took his complaints to social media – saying that those who promote PC sex to children under 11 border on paedophilia and are depraved – he and another man were investigated by local police for ”hate crime”! Thankfully, the police have acknowledged that the gentlemen’s comments did not amount to a criminal offence. Post-modern Britain, eh!

    Miss Morrow is unrepentant about her promotion of homosexuality to minors. Indeed, she has claimed to be the one who is shocked by the response of some parents – who she describes as a ”small minority” – and that she is proud of what she has done. Further to that, she claims that she will not be intimidated by ”homophobic attitudes”.

    At this point, we note that it is a common tactic to make those who uphold natural and divine law appear as ”minority” groups of extremists.

    Part of the Bigger Picture

    This latest scandal in the Archdiocese of Liverpool serves once again to demonstrate the dire state of Catholic education here.

    We have already reported a couple of times about the negative response that we received from St. Julie’s ”Catholic” High School, when we complained about the visit of their 6th-Form Expressive Arts group to the theatrical perfomance of Once a Catholic at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre.

    We were complaining because this ”drama” was advertised with a blasphemous image, adapted from a traditional Sacred Heart picture, to depict Our Lord with a Rockabilly hairstyle. It also included: mockery of Jesus on a Crucifix; mockery of His Miracles; mockery of Our Lady of Fatima; mockery of the sacred priesthood; mockery of female religious; and mockery of the virtue of chastity.

    Amongst other things, the headteacher treated us to a lecture on ”respecting and embracing diversity” in his lacklustre and thoroughly post-modern response. He also concluded that his school had done very well in its inspection from the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

    This is just one scandal amongst many that could be mentioned about ”Catholic” education in the Archdiocese of Liverpool. In addition to the generally prevailing situation of poor catechesis, we could also mention: the morally relative curriculum that we frequently encountered when doing pro-life talks in schools a decade ago; our friend’s teenaged brother who was given condoms to look at during an R.E. class; the local teenager who told us that his R.E. teacher was teaching that Sunday Mass was no longer obligatory; the local primary school boy whose teacher said that there was no such thing as sin; the various non-Catholics, and even non-Christians, who are teaching R.E.; the priest who left his active ministry, moved in with a divorced woman and took up a local teaching position in a Catholic school; or the case of Charles Coyne, headmaster at St. Cecilia’s who took out a ”civil-partnership” with another bloke, held his ”wedding reception” in a local parish hall – which was attended by three Archdiocesan clergy – and was allowed to go on teaching until his retirement.


    When we returned from America, I looked into doing some teacher training around here. Not wanting to go back to Liverpool Hope University, as they had positioned an Anglican ”tabernacle” on a shelf right next to the Tabernacle in the chapel, I looked at other local options. Unfortunately, the course for R.E. teachers stipulated that candidates ”must have no preconceived ideas about truth or religion.” Kind of ironic that, don’t you think? As well as being a totally self-contradicting statement. Anyway, that was wasted on them…

    As a Catholic teacher, I would not want to focus on teaching your kids the intricate details of other religions, how to design a ”Gay Pride” logo, or how to use a contraceptive device.

    No, what I would like to have done with my life is to teach your kids about: the Most Holy Trinity; the Incarnation of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Paschal Mystery of His Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven; the Mystery of Pentecost; Sin and Redemption; Grace and the Sacraments; the Real Presence of Jesus Christ and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; the Motherhood of Mary; prayer; the lives of the saints; the nature and necessity of the Church; the life of man as knowing, loving and serving God in this life and being happy with Him forever in the next; the New Life in Jesus Christ, the 10 Commandments and Christian morality, human dignity and the beauty of chastity and Holy Matrimony.

    You know, Catholic stuff…

    Stuff that Catholic teachers in Catholic schools used to teach…

    As it is, Catholics like us – and we are not alone, we know of various others with appropriate qualifications, knowledge, gifts, skills and the desire/vocation to teach – are kept out of the system, whilst dissenting homosexualists like Miss Carrie Morrow, the headteacher at Sacred Heart ”Catholic” school in Atherton, get paid big salaries to pass on homosexualist ideology to young kids, without even the consent of their parents.

    Talk about exclusion.

    And the clergy don’t even blink. At least not in public.

    Reparation Needed

    Anyway, I shared a pint with Fr. Paul Seddon some years ago at the wedding anniversary party of some good friends of ours. He’s the local parish priest near Sacred Heart school and his picture is listed among the staff and governors at the school’s website.

    Perhaps he’ll do something…

    … or maybe the Archbishop…

    …or even some of the other clergy…

    In the meantime, remembering Dr. Barbara Morgan’s ”millstone” warning from St. Matthew’s Gospel, let us pray for truly Catholic teachers and make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for all of this scandal.

    We conclude with this: To all Catholic bishops, priests, deacons and laity in the Archdiocese of Liverpool. At least one of your Archdiocesan schools is trying to normalize homosexual relationships to young Catholic children without even the consent of their parents. Does your silence mean that you are OK with that?

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