Greece legalizes cremation despite Orthodox opposition

Greece legalizes cremation despite Orthodox opposition

[The triumph of Freemasonry over Orthodoxy]

Catholic World News – March 11, 2016

The cremation of the dead recently became legal in Greece despite opposition from the Greek Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church of Crete.

Prelates of the Orthodox Church of Crete gathered in Heraklion on March 3 and affirmed that burial is part of Orthodox “culture and identity” and expresses “respect for the sanctity of the human body. … The Church has a certain way of life and no one has the right to add things of their liking. … If a person asks in writing to be cremated, it is their choice and their responsibility. But he cannot ask to be partly Orthodox and demand Orthodox funeral rites and ceremonies.”

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One comment on “Greece legalizes cremation despite Orthodox opposition

  1. Once again the Catholic Church is shown up by a non Catholic group. Why is it today that far too often it ends up being some non Catholic religion that speaks out in defence of what was once a Catholic doctrine?

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