RINOs/CINOs Are In Trouble Now

Oh, oh! Stop the presses! We’re in deep doo-doo now, say the RINOs/CINOs. Dr. Ben Carson has endorsed Trump for President! And they can’t do anything about it, ’cause Dr.Carson is so much respected by large segments of the American Public. And, yes, my friends, there are two Trumps – the real one and the one created by the media – the caricature, if you will. The real one has upset the apple-cart and caused Americans to rethink the political environment in this country.

And, both Hillary and Bernie are in for the battle of their lives, and they know it. So be it, and they deserve it IMO. However, there are some problems with this scenario until and unless the Trump campaign stands up clearly for Human Life as endowed by the Creator and non-negotiable, as well as Marriage and the Family on Traditional grounds. If they do this, look for a landslide come November.

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6 comments on “RINOs/CINOs Are In Trouble Now

  1. Dr. Ben said in early February that he was open to the idea of being The Donald’s V-P running mate.

    What was Big-Boy Christie’s price to endorse The Donald? Some say Antonin Scalia’s SCOTUS seat if Obama-Bin-Lameduck can’t get his pick before he punches out.

    • There are other appointments that could be in play here too such as Surgeon General, HEW, etc. This is, I believe, a bombshell having widespread implications for the Campaign. One thing is for sure, the “brain quotient” for the Trump campaign just went up considerably.

    • A lot of people are saying Christie will be Attorney General if Trump wins. From what I read Trump might choose an establishment RINO and neocon for VP to unite the party like Governor John Kasich of Ohio, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, or even little Marco Rubio (which seems more unlikely).

  2. Dr. Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump: ‘He cares deeply about America’

    Says he wants the ‘voice of the people to be heard,’ scolds media for ‘creating divisions’


  3. If Carson were the VP and if Trump got elected, he could succeed him as President after 8 years of Trump. Maybe! There are to many variables at this point. I thought Trump was pro life, but if he comes out strongly for the pro life position, that would be a game changer. Bishops still would not vote for him, if they could get Hillary or Sanders! That fat guy with a beard who is a blogger probably would not either. Aikens or somebody like that?? I don’t remember his name .

  4. The media are already getting out the STOP TRUMP! clips particularly CNN. They are just beside themselves with anger over the fact that Dr. Carson would do such thing. It’s really great fun to see them in such turmoil.

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