Pope Francis Excommunicates Donald Trump Citing Un-Christian Behavior

Pope Francis Excommunicates Donald Trump Citing Un-Christian Behavior

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VATICAN CITY – The most severe form of religious penalty – excommunication – has been delivered to Republican presidential front-runner and real estate mogul Donald Trump by Pope Francis, sources close to the Vatican report.

Citing “behavior recognized as un-Christian to the community of the faithful,” the papal decree does not bar Trump from entering church, nor does it strip him of his faith; rather, it excludes him from participation in the sacraments of the Church, and will serve as a strong message that will “hopefully guide him toward repentance, and bring him back to the path of righteousness.”

During an Aug. 19 interview, Trump was asked what he would do if Pope Francis were to criticize either him or capitalism during the pontiff’s upcoming September visit. Trump’s reply was that he’d remind the Pope that ISIS was out to get him. Some Trump supporters say the excommunication order was in response to Trump’s comment.

Observers also point to several other incidents which may have informed Pope Francis’ decision, including Trump’s initial response to a violent attack on a homeless Hispanic man by two brothers in Boston, inspired in part by Trump’s repeated calls to deport all illegal immigrants.

Trump’s widely criticized reaction did not include a denunciation of the assault, suggesting what some feel was his approval:

“I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. And they are very passionate.”

Trump has since changed his tone a bit, tweeting a condemnation on Aug. 21:


Prior to this controversy, Trump outraged the Hispanic community during his presidential announcement speech, calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, then doubling down on the derogatory comments when faced with mounting criticism. His dismissal and mocking of Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos during an Iowa press conference on Aug 25 further alienated the Hispanic community. “Go back to Univision,” said trump to Ramos, before security ejected the Spanish-language journalist and author from the room.

Although these actions could certainly be construed as un-Christian, it is highly unlikely Trump will change his tone or behavior, since another “bible” has been his guide. Trump’s 1987 book The Art of The Deal, relies heavily on the widely-read 1952 best-seller The Power of Positive Thinking, written by minister and author Norman Vincent Peale. Although highly influential, Peale’s book and its ideas were generally not accepted by mental health experts.

No formal comment has come from Trump concerning the Pope’s condemnation.

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  1. Add this to the list of ridiculous and meaningless actions of the current Roman Bishop. I wonder which Canon of the Catholic church Trump broke to incur excommunication?

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