The Presidential Question

The Presidential Question




Content Advisory: The following discussion assumes arguendo that any of this matters.

The other day I confided to my brother that I think I’m going to lose all of my “Facebook friends” because of Donald Trump. You could have bet me a million dollars against that being the cause even a few weeks ago. For years I’ve just assumed my whimsical, yet annoying, evangelization on behalf of Catholic Tradition and the Traditional Mass would be the cause. But no.

This post, I suppose, is an endorsement of Donald Trump for president, but I’m not intending to say he’s the only possible candidate worth supporting under any circumstances. I could read with perfect equanimity a serious Catholic advocacy of Cruz, Trump, or maybe even the man currently inhabiting Marco Rubio’s boots. No, advocacy for one’s candidate based upon certain Catholicly-consonant traits is standard fare every four years.

What gets me going is the high-handed dismissal of Trump supporters (and in the context of my life and this blog I’ll focus on Catholics who support him) as basically too stupid to notice how odious he is. And in so doing, the detractors buy utterly into a false narrative about the system in which we live and about their own candidate’s honesty to boot.

I don’t care about Trump so much as I do his candidacy (which is and is not the same thing). And I say that every attack on him makes me want to vote for him more and more. The GOP has been a fraud for decades– if by a political party you mean a group of like minded people who stand for something different than the other party and actually try to effect their policies.

If you disagree, we needn’t go to ancient history. Just look within the last 25 years. In 1994, after the (then) largest tax hike in history and after only narrowly filibustering Hillarycare, the GOP ran on its Contract with America. Lower taxes, definitively make Social Security solvent, stuff like that. After a showdown with Democrats on the first budget, the GOP caved. Later on, we put Bush into office, and after a couple of years, a GOP senate and house. Though taking a step to cut taxes, Bush allowed a sunset provision in the legislation, which allowed these cuts to expire. His administration also greatly expanded federal spending on medicare, progressive indoctrination education, and entitlement programs.

Like his father before him, he got us involved in costly (in terms of lives and dollars, take your pick) wars in the Middle East. He perhaps had even less reason to do so. He supervised the installation of the ever-growing police state via the Patriot Act and the DHS. He and the Congress bailed out the banks with our money. More and more national sovereignty has been yield to treaties and institutions of international governance.

In all of these matters, the policies actually effected by the Republicans have mirrored those of the Democrats. There is only the illusion of conservatism, or perhaps a slightly slower free-fall into chaos. And the difference in speed is not nearly as noticeable as it used to be.

Finally, since we are pro-life, we are kept, like Lucy and the football, in a perpetual state of “just one more justice and we’ll overturn Roe v. Wade”. Yet we never do get to kick that football. The game is so tantalizing. Yes, there have been good Republican appointees, but whenever the balance on Roe and many other key areas of jurisprudence are involved, we get this: O’Connor, Kennedy, Souter, Roberts. If even one of these had been a principled, conservative jurist, Roe is gone, Obamacare is gone, and Obergefell may not yet have come.

In my opinion, it is time to wake up. The establishment of both parties hates Trump, not because he’s a vulgarian (I won’t argue this), but because of the fact he talks as though he will actually oppose the one-party platform that has in reality ruled for decades.

Trump’s candidacy stands for the proposition of national sovereignty in foreign and domestic affairs, peace, a return to individual liberties that have been practically crushed by taxation and the tyranny of a P.C. outlawing of incorrect opinions. Though he is not the classic Henry-Hyde-gold-standard-pro-lifer, he states he opposes public funding for abortion and that he would appoint justices like Scalia.

Also, he has opened the acceptable range of free speech and debate on issues that the leftist establishment, aided and abetted by cowardly “conservatives” in government, has decided Are. Not. Allowed. To. Be. Held. We are a short distance indeed from Catholic teaching on many issues being considered criminal behaviors and hate crimes.

I can hear you saying, “You can’t be serious. He doesn’t mean any of this. He will say anything to get elected!” To which I respond, “Then he can be no worse than any Republican elected since at least 1980.”

And you know what? He might actually mean it. And that scares a lot of powerful people a whole lot– people that I am 100% certain don’t have my best interests at heart.

So, I support Trump for Catholic reasons, with no illusions that he is some closet Catholic, or even that he realizes that his stated positions are most in line with Catholic principles. He may in fact be a fraud. But I know the entire slate of candidates apart from him are either evil, frauds, woefully ineffective, or some some combination thereof.

You think Lucy will finally let you kick that football? Vote Cruz, with my blessing–truly. But I refuse to take that run. Trump is the only reason I could justify a hopeful vote in November.

And I ask the #nevertrump people out there: Why was I supposed to vote for McCain and the polytheist Romney, if you can’t hold your nose to vote for Trump if nominated? That’s a question only you can answer. Go with God.

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8 comments on “The Presidential Question

  1. AMEN. BROTHER. !!!!!!

  2. … not because he’s a vulgarian (I won’t argue this)

    I will. I’ve been working myself up to voting for him if/when he gets the nomination. But this last debate went deep-dive disgusting. He indulged in it, got his laugh, and his groupies just let it go. I didn’t watch, but I’m still on the verge of vomiting, screaming, running away. It’s getting worse than a Bush-Romney-McCain shock and horror show. It’s going to take a honkin’ big spoonful of sugar to get this one down.

  3. I was going to be happy enough to vote for Ben Carson. Even though he supported Israel. But I will never give my vote or support for evil men like Cruz, who underhandedly backstab Carson. Worse yet, he is an Evangelical- a traitor to his own culturally Catholic Hispanic background. He betrays his culture and the True Faith.
    But I suppose the worst thing is that we have for years depended on ecumenical dialogue to forge coalitions, playing aside our differences to work for pro-life and pro-family issues, at the cost of Catholics declaring they need no coalitions or alliances to win the hearts and soul of America. We fight for Christ the King, pure and unadulterated. And our coalitions and alliances lead people to believe the Evangelicals are on “our” side, leading many to lose the Faith.
    Donald Trump, as much as one may have differences with him, does not presume, propose, or request some religious coalition or compromise. He does not present himself as a holder of a common and mythical “Judeo-Christian” Truth that is foundation of an allegedly Godly Order. A True Godly Order does not compromise with the Truth or with virtue.Trump just presents himself as himself and refuses to give Credence to Evangelical madness about a Zionist State and end times; he refuses to fall for the Zionist and understands there is a Palestinian suffering that needs also to be expressed. Salvation is not obtained fighting side-side with other False Faiths. With the help of Christ we have the Grace to conquer all through His Will in His Church. Anything else is phoney. Better if we work on converting Trump and Hillary to the Truth. That is a Catholics’s job. But what I will give credit to Trump for, is the fact he does not claim some fanatical “Divine Message”. He just is Trump. And he does not cater to a mad Evangelical or Baptist or Israeli lobby. He just seems to present himself caring for what a ordinary person should care about- his country.

  4. You prefer a man who calls himself a Christian but has few signs of Christian virtue, but many signs to the contrary? And the “Palestinian” lie? Trump is not voicing concern for Christians, but simply playing the middle as he does so well on other issues, e.g., Planned Parenthood. The fact is, “Palestinians” are terrorists who teach their children to strap on bombs and blow up Israeli women and children. I can see a problem with that without being pro-Israel. And Christians suffer in the middle of that war. While Trump will probably help undo the damage that Bush-Obama-Clinton have wreaked on the middle east, he won’t help anyone by pandering to the PLO and Hamas.

  5. I prefer a man like Trump, that DOES NOT PRETEND to be called Christian, in a world that is not Christian anyway. Evangelicals such as Cruz are not Christian, but tries to pass himself off as being Christian. And he has a Protestant Triumphalism in his Church and beliefs. A Christian is someone who follows the True Jesus Christ. Not someone who follows Jesus Christ as he wishes in whatever sect he wishes. Evangelicals are like Muslims. They both do not teach the real Jesus, and both teach it’s OK to use military force to get their way. Israel is Godless too. And hates Christians. If Trump supports the rights of Palestinians, regardless if the Palestinians are Muslim, Evangelical or Catholic, they all deserve to be respected as human.

    • Another AQ member who isn’t troubled by suicide bombers and terrorist attacks against civilians. “Death to the Jews” is just their silly idiosyncrasy? If we could respect them as humans … dialogue … etc.

      I guess I need more enlightening on this. It’s not helping me with my Trump hurdle, either.


    by StumblingBlock 3/6/16

    I don’t have the chance to watch television. I don’t even have cable. I’ve only seen snippets of Donald Trump and even less of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, so I don’t know how long it would take me to get to the point where I feel some real revulsion for Trump’s lies, his bragging, or his vague wild assertions. But I’m not there yet.

    I just see a guy who takes the fight to most of the right places. Next I see most of the right places get angry. I also see them show their arrogance and contempt. These are signs of shifting power. It’s something more substantial than talk.

    That’s why I’ve been struck to find many people I admire taking the suicide pledge. Donald Trump is the new Mitt Romney, so Conservatives should sit-out another election like they did the last one? That’s what Ben Shapiro recommends in his really unfortunate piece this week at The Daily Wire. Shapiro leads Breitbart. Breitbart had a rocky recovery after their founder dropped dead one night in L.A., but they’ve since turned into something extremely helpful. Their ads are not, but their reporting is. So why all the pious ‘conservative’ excuses to hand the world Hillary Clinton?

    I will never vote for Donald Trump because I stand with certain principles. I stand with small government and free markets and religious freedom and personal responsibility. Donald Trump stands against all of these things. He stands for Planned Parenthood and trade restrictions and targeting of political enemies and an anti-morality foreign policy and government domination of religion and nastiness toward women and tacit appeals to racism and unbounded personal power. I stand with the Constitution of the United States, and its embedded protection of my God-given rights through governmental checks and balances. Donald Trump does not. I stand with conservatism. Donald Trump stands against it.

    Didn’t Trump just release a pretty conservative healthcare proposal? Seems kind of free market to me. It’s the first time I’ve heard anyone who might have the power to do so get anywhere near actually gutting Obamacare.

    Didn’t Trump also just correct Pope Francis for saying he wasn’t Christian? I think the Pope has a right to express an opinion on what a Christian is, but Trump thinks even the Pope should keep that to himself. That sounds like he believes in American style ‘religious freedom’ to me. Perhaps Shapiro is referring to Trump’s famous stand on Islamic immigration. Is there any reasonable person in the world who thinks we should continue to islamicize the planet because of religious freedom?

    I admit Trump sounds like he may care little for constitutional balance of power. He keeps claiming he’ll do things in a unilateral-sounding way. But where is this great system of checks and balances today? All I ever see are Congressmen passing two-thousand page, yet still unspecific, laws without anyone knowing what’s in them, while all the ruling power’s concentrated in the executive apparatus and the unjust courts. I don’t see much constitutional or legal ever happening.

    Finally, is it ‘immoral’ to be against a destabilized Middle East and imbalanced trade agreements?

    I suppose bequeathing the whole situation to Hillary will be an improvement.

    I stand with #NeverTrump.

    The counterargument to the #NeverTrump movement comes down to two words: Hillary Clinton. Trump will supposedly close the borders (a lie); Hillary will not. Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court justices (unlikely); Hillary will not. No matter how bad Trump is, the argument goes, conservatives have a duty to back the anti-Hillary.

    Why is everyone so sure that Trump is lying about everything? Doesn’t he tell the truth at least sometimes? How can you know a liar’s lies in advance? You can only guess.

    I think Trump will get blown out in a general election. But let’s assume that these critics of #NeverTrump are right. Let’s assume that but for we #NeverTrump voters sitting out the election, Trump would become president, and Hillary would go down in flaming defeat. And let’s assume that Hillary Clinton will appoint terrible justices, destroy the military, and usher in the apocalypse. Why in the world would conservatives live with President Hillary Clinton on their consciences?

    I think it’s time for people to start hedging this ‘Trump will lose’ meme. Yes, unless something changes, like for instance, if he starts to sound like a liberal, Trump will be ruthlessly attacked by the entire planet except Russia and the old block. They will hurl every insult they can find. They will try and dig up a Bill Cosby-parade against him; and yes, they may easily take Trump out. But I think it might be good to put a bit of a check on your certainty about the whole thing. There were ten blocks of Floridians lined up outside a miserable arena in Orlando yesterday to see the loser.

    Because first, it’s not on our consciences. It’s on the consciences of the people who went along with this nomination. We did not select Trump. We will not vote for him.

    What? Is this some kind of emerging ‘conservative’ third party that votes by not voting?

    I know Ben Shapiro was famous practically before he was even a teenager, but this is the first time I’ve heard him sound like a petulant child. Our consciences guide our actions, and if our actions are irresponsible, our consciences should correct us.

    And if we are going to save the country, it will not rest on one or two justices on the Supreme Court. It will rest on the will of the people to resist tyranny. That will start at the state and local level. It will start with the people.

    It will start with conservatives willing to say “no.”

    Because if we never say “no,” we will never have the opportunity to say “yes.”

    Do you get the impression that Shapiro wouldn’t be trying to lead a walk-out movement under this pious ‘conservative’ banner if slippery Marco Rubio were the front-runner?

    But today he wants Hillary, conscience-free.

    • Great reply to Shapiro. I read Ben the other day, too, and wasn’t impressed, either.

      What? Is this some kind of emerging ‘conservative’ third party that votes by not voting?
      I know Ben Shapiro was famous practically before he was even a teenager, but this is the first time I’ve heard him sound like a petulant child.

      That sums up my impression, too, and is applicable to other vehement anti-Trumpers as well.

      “Stumbling Block” has more good thinking you’ve already published, Tom. I like this quote from his Catholic Suckers article: “Why help them do it in advance and hand the Left their Catholic creation like a bunch of programmable lemmings? What does it say about your pride that you would prefer Hillary over a man with some clear conservative ideas who shares your enemies, when you already know how cruel, unjust, and destructive she’ll be?”

      I hear ya, SB. It’s just that Trump keeps making it harder and harder for me. It’s gonna take a BIG spoonful of sugar for me to get this one down. It’s “for the children.” Yep, that’s the ticket. Schlong and all.

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