Salford bishop tells refugees to ‘hold on to hope’ – and to learn English

Salford bishop tells refugees to ‘hold on to hope’ – and to learn English

Bishop John Arnold met asylum seekers last week in Manchester.

[How about remaining or becoming Catholic? Isn’t that the primary purpose of “the Church being missionary”?]

by Madeleine Teahan
posted Thursday, 3 Mar 2016

The Bishop of Salford has told refugees and asylum seekers to learn English in order to counter hostility.

Last week during a visit to the asylum seeker charity Revive, a member of the Caritas Diocese of Salford network of charities, Bishop John Arnold said: “Always hold on to hope. Life has been difficult and you’re looking for a better life with us. I wish my country was a little bit more welcoming, but I say you are welcome here.

“I want you to be easily accepted and to find work, so I would encourage you to learn English. Here we are terrible with languages, so to learn our language will really help you.”

The purpose of Bishop Arnold’s visit was to see first hand what the charity was doing for asylum seekers in Manchester and Salford and to meet asylum seekers and refugees.

Following the visit, Bishop Arnold said: “This is a truly cosmopolitan response to a cosmopolitan problem – this is what’s so great about Manchester. What you’re doing here is so important for the integration and empowerment of refugees.

“This is how I see the Church being missionary – it’s very impressive,” the bishop said.

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One comment on “Salford bishop tells refugees to ‘hold on to hope’ – and to learn English

  1. +Arnold is new to Salford Diocese and is faced with a programme of ‘managed demolition’ of the diocesan structure. Parishes are to be amalgamated with properties sold-off. The answer to the priest shortage is not vocations, but the Permanent Diaconate [unusually none in diocese currently] and greater lay participation. There exists only one Sunday TLM in the diocese, plus one SSPX Mass Centre. There exist three weekday diocesan TLMs. +Arnold lays the problem at the door of “demographics”, yet the Catholic schools are full. But if Catholicism is not preached, vocations will not arise. Presbyteries have a tendency to be large [some may be owned by Orders’], instead of selling-off the properties why not use them to house Christian Middle Eastern refugee families – financed by Government monies.. Those laity with the time to ‘manage’ the diocese, or become Permanent Deacons should use such time in that endeavour -corporal works of mercy more effective than the Trojan Horse Permanent Diaconate – I feel.

    The single diocesan TLM, only arose out of sufferance on the part of an earlier incumbent of the bishopric and pressure from Rome. It was placed with a proto-oratory in the middle of university land. Where the students and all had available both the TLM and highly orthodox NOMs, Confessions, and much else. In addition the University Chaplain was ‘Traditional’. The TLM was very well attended. The Oratory, now formal, was moved, by +Arnold’s predecessor, to a less effective location and the original base has returned to the Jesuits and return of the ‘table altar’ – the Universtity Chaplain now elsewhere. The Oratory people have raised at least two vocations.

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