Same-Sex Civil Unions and Other Abominations in Italy: One-After-Another Historical Betrayal by Catholics

Same-Sex Civil Unions [and Other Abominations in Italy: One-After-Another] Historical Betrayal by Catholics

Posted by New Catholic at Rorate Caeli on 3/03/2016
Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
March 2nd 2016
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana

The approval of homosexual pseudo-marriage in the Senate on February 25th 2016, with 173 in favor, 71 against and 76 abstentions is the last stage in the process of dissolution of Italian society which began with the introduction of divorce (1970), then the legalization of abortion (1978) and has as its next, imminent step, the legalization of euthanasia. With that in mind, we understand the exaltation of the secular press: “In the long and tortuous history of sexual liberation in Italy – writes Francesco Merlo in “La Repubblica”, February 26th – this law has the same epochal importance as the law on divorce and the law that regulates abortion”.

What these three events have in common is an act of betrayal committed by men in Catholic government. Divorce passed under a centre-left government presided over by the Christian Democrat, Emilio Colombo. Abortion was passed by a Christian Democrat government, presided over by Giulio Andreotti. The Christian Democrats were brought down, yet the principal figures responsible for this new law, Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi and the Minister for Internal Affairs, Angelino Alfano depict themselves as practicing Catholics just like Colombo and Andreotti.

If Minster Alfano had threatened to resign he would have made the passing of this law impossible (or at least would have had it deferred). However, the Sicilian politician preferred to act like Andreotti, who wrote in his diary on January 27th 1977: “Session in Montecitorio for the vote on abortion. Passes with 310 in favor and 296 against. I considered the question of my countersignature on this law, (also Leone* has the same problem about his signature), yet if I should refuse, not only will we open a crisis just(after having …) begun to block the leaks, for besides being damaged by the law on abortion the DC [the Christian Democrats] would also lose the presidency and [this] would really be much more serious.” (Diaries 1976-1979. The Years of Solidarity, Rizzoli, Milan, 1981, pp. 73). The loss of the presidency of a government was considered much graver than the murder, permitted by law, of millions of innocent children.

*Leone: Giovanni Leone, the sixth President of the Italian Republic (December 1971- June 1978)

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