Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to speak at Jesuit Georgetown

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to speak at [Jesuit] Georgetown

“Catholic” university will host abortion advocate sometime in April

MARCH 2, 2016 BY Cal-Catholic Daily

The following comes from a March 2 Cardinal Newman Society article by Adam Cassandra:

The Lecture Fund at Georgetown University is planning to host Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) President Cecile Richards on campus this April, The Cardinal Newman Society has learned.

“This is the latest in a long history of scandal at Georgetown University,” said Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly. “Disguised as an academic event, this is nothing more than a platform for abortion advocacy at a Catholic university and under the nose of the Catholic bishops, featuring a wicked woman who defends the sale of baby body parts and is responsible for the deaths of millions of aborted children.”

The student chairperson of the Lecture Fund confirmed via an email to the Newman Society that Richards will speak at Georgetown in April, but said a final decision has yet to be made on the exact date and speaking topic. The format is also still being decided, but the Lecture Fund is planning a 30 minute question and answer session as part of the event. However, the event will not be open to the public. Only invited guests and media, and those with a Georgetown University identification card will be allowed to attend.

The Lecture Fund “is a non-partisan student-run organization that exists to enrich the academic experience of the Georgetown community. The Lecture Fund strives to bring speakers to Georgetown’s campus to enlighten, educate and, occasionally, entertain.”

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11 comments on “Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to speak at Jesuit Georgetown

  1. Sad, but Georgetown hasn’t been Catholic (or Jesuit or Ignatian or “in the Jesuit tradition”) for a LONG TIME. Advocating the killing of unborn babies is NOWHERE in the Jesuit tradition. If they were even coming close to teaching students how to think or reason (“in the Jesuit tradition”) they would not be providing a forum and speaking platform for the propagandists of the culture of death. It’s very sad but some day some future Catholic historian will write a book on what happened to the American branch of the Society of Jesus after Vatican II and wonder how so many deluded anti-Catholic jerks managed to get in control of their universities. It will make for interesting reading sifting through the chapters on the Timothy Healy, Leo O’Donovan, Robert Drinan, Carroll Quigley, and Robert Henle years and how the decisions to secularize and de-Catholicize Georgetown were made and who made them, including the idiotic arguments for adopting the Land O’Lakes conference agenda, the influx of unwashed anti-Catholic crackpot faculty and the disgrace and shame that followed. Who ya gonna call? Pope Francis? Wuerl? Father Healy? The limp-wristed modernist fruitcakes of the USCCB? All of them will have to answer to God for their roles in the destruction of Catholic higher education in the United States.

  2. Georgetown Defends Hosting Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards

    March 3, 2016 | By Adam Cassandra | Cardinal Newman Society

    The Cardinal Newman Society broke the news yesterday that the Lecture Fund at Georgetown University invited Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) President Cecile Richards to campus this April. The University defended its decision to allow Richards to speak on campus in a statement released today citing Georgetown’s commitment to “the free exchange of ideas.”
    “As the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, Georgetown University is proud to be a university that deeply values our faith tradition and that encourages the free exchange of ideas,” according to the statement. “We respect our students’ right to express their personal views and are committed to sustaining a forum for the free exchange of ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable to some.”
    “They said the same thing when Larry Flynt and Barack Obama spoke at Georgetown,” Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly told in response to Georgetown’s statement. “Besides a clear bias in the choice of speakers, there’s no sense of moral truth, which is the central point of a Catholic university. Either you accept Catholic moral teaching as true or you do not. In the case of Georgetown, they simply do not.
    “In bringing in someone with such a horrendous record of not only advocating ideas that would be contrary to Catholic teaching, but is herself responsible for the deaths of more than two million babies under her watch, Georgetown demonstrates that it does not understand the nature of a Catholic university,” Reilly added.
    As the Newman Society reported yesterday, PPFA’s records of “abortion services” disclosed in annual reports show that Richards has overseen the deaths of over 2.8 million babies since taking charge of the organization in 2006. The number of reported abortions increased steadily from 2006-2011 before waning in recent years.
    “Ms. Richards is not being paid to speak,” Georgetown’s statement continued. “Student groups may invite any outside speakers and guests to campus. An appearance of any speaker or guest on campus is not an endorsement by the university.”
    The University added: “We work very hard to ensure that [Catholic and Jesuit] values maintain a privileged place in our community while at the same time providing a forum that does not limit speech either in the content of the view being expressed or the speaker expressing the view.”
    And despite a long history of Catholic identity abuses, including many documented by the Newman Society in the current academic year, Georgetown’s statement asserted, “Our Catholic and Jesuit identity on campus has never been stronger.”
    – See more at:

  3. It is a lie to claim that Georgetown is still a “Catholic” university. That is not reflected in its faculty, curriculum, policies, or student body. A “Catholic” college or university is supposed to have a majority of believing and practicing orthodox Catholics on its faculty who do not attack Catholic teachings, values, or identity. Father Bunn, Father Walsh, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Edmund Campion, and Bishop Carroll could never stop throwing up at what has been done to that university in the name of “prestige” and the modernist Land O’Lakes conference agenda.

  4. Card. Napier on Richards Invite: Georgetown Committed to ‘Political Correctness’ Rather Than Fidelity to the Church

    March 7, 2016, at 8:27 PM | By Adam Cassandra |

    South African Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, OFM, took to Twitter to criticize the administration of Georgetown University for inviting Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) President Cecile Richards to speak on campus this April, and said students and staff should take a firm stance in defense of life.

    The Cardinal Newman Society broke the news on March 2 that the Lecture Fund at Georgetown invited Richards to campus. The Lecture Fund “is a non-partisan student-run organization that exists to enrich the academic experience of the Georgetown community. The Lecture Fund strives to bring speakers to Georgetown’s campus to enlighten, educate and, occasionally, entertain.” The next day, the University issued a statement defending its decision to allow Richards to speak on campus citing Georgetown’s commitment to “the free exchange of ideas.”

    Responding on March 6 to a tweet from pro-life advocate Lila Rose, president of Live Action, Cardinal Napier said: “If there’s a crisis in the Catholic Church today, it’s the disjuncture between the imperative to live and teach the Gospel and the obsession to be fair and broad minded on moral and critical life issues. Georgetown’s hosting Cecile Richards is an obvious case!”

    Cardinal Napier also tweeted on the issue, “Those in authority at Georgetown seem committed to ‘political correctness’ rather than fidelity to the Church!” and, “I also don’t understand why Catholic Students and Staff don’t give personal witness to the Faith by taking a firm stand for Life!”

    There is an explanation: most faculty and students at Georgetown are not Catholic. There is an anti-Catholic majority at Georgetown University, Your Eminence, thanks to the progressive modernist Land O’Lakes conference agenda and some very disoriented Irish-American Jesuits suffering from severe status anxiety in the 1960s and 1970s who hauled in the Trojan Horse
    to pursue the non-Catholic Ivy league model for education.

    Read all about it:


    History Professor Relates School’s Difficulties To
    Lack Of Direction, Loss Of Christian Foundations

    by Carroll Quigley, Ph.D.

    Professor of History

    (The Hoya, Friday, April 28, 1967)

    “I’ll admit that things are just as bad, and may be worse, at other universities. But this very fact makes it easier for Georgetown to become a better university. All it has to do is decide what an education is and do it, instead of driving hell-bent, as it now is, to become exactly like all other universities of the country. For those other universities are going, at high speed, in the wrong direction, as must be clear to any observer who has any idea what education should be and compares that idea with what is actually going on….

    What does hurt is to realize that Georgetown has, for years, had a golden opportunity, such as GW never could have, to make a great contribution to American education, but has, again and again, muffed that opportunity because of the increasingly frantic pursuit of strange, alien gods by the rulers of Georgetown.

    Georgetown has had this opportunity for one simply stated but complexly true reason: because it was Catholic. But, instead of being Catholic, or even Jesuit, Georgetown has rudely turned its back on its one chance of making any contribution to American education and has instead almost totally destroyed its opportunity for becoming an excellent Catholic university and a good American university, in its frantic drive to become a fifth-rate Harvard. “

  5. [LaDonna Cardinal joins the critics: If as he says that it is not “authentically Catholic,” will he yank Georgetown’s Catholic status?]

    Washington cardinal rebukes Georgetown for inviting Planned Parenthood chief

    David Gibson Religion News Service | Mar. 8, 2016

    Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl appeared to take a swipe at Georgetown University for inviting Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards to speak, saying that “it is neither authentically Catholic nor within the Catholic tradition for a university to provide a special platform to those voices that promote or support” issues such as abortion.
    Without mentioning the nation’s oldest Catholic university by name, Wuerl wrote in a blog post on March 8 about the importance of Catholics’ maintaining their Christian identity even amid the challenges of modernity or persecution.

    That imperative, he said, “is no less important for the institutions of the Church such as universities and social ministries, as it is for individuals, to offer this testimony of their Catholic identity.”

    “Conversely, students, faculty, and the community at large are all impoverished, not enriched, when the institution’s Catholic identity is diluted or called into question by seemingly approving of ideas that are contrary to moral truth,” Wuerl wrote.

    Richards’ appearance, set for next month, was arranged by the Lecture Fund, a student-run organization at the Washington, D.C., university.

    The event is not open to the public, and when news of Richards’ invitation broke it was met by sharp criticism by some Catholics.

    The Jesuit university responded with a statement saying it is committed to “the free exchange of ideas, even when those ideas may be difficult, controversial or objectionable to some.” It noted that Richards is not being paid to speak.

    “Georgetown remains firmly committed to the sanctity and human dignity of every life at every stage,” it added.

    Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortion services, has for months been the target of abortion foes after the release of undercover videos that activists say show Planned Parenthood officials illegally negotiating to sell fetal tissue recovered from abortions.

    While even some abortion-rights activists have cringed at the language used in the videos, Planned Parenthood officials have defended their procedures and the only charges that have been brought in any state have been against the undercover filmmakers.

    Still, demands to defund the organization have become a major talking point in the presidential campaign, and for abortion foes.

    The idea of giving Richards such a platform apparently was a step too far for Wuerl, who is not known as a culture warrior type.

    “In our present culture, we have seen an increase in antagonism against Catholic teaching and the Church itself,” Wuerl concluded.

    “It is precisely in these times that the Catholic institution of higher learning is called to continual self-examination to ensure that it maintains and promotes an authentic Catholic identity, that it recognizes the importance of virtue, and that it attempts to be a beacon of Christ’s truth and love as manifested in and through the Church.”

  6. Georgetown makes no effort to hire believing Catholics for its faculty or to recruit Catholic students for its study body. What you see there is a foreshadowing of the Antichrist as consecrated ground and buildings built with Catholic money are subjected to sacrilege and secularization. The property should be returned to lawful Catholic educators and Catholic authorities since it was swindled away from the Church by heretics. A canon lawsuit should be filed for this and Cardinal Wuerl and all other bishops in the U.S. should support that lawsuit. Failure to do that is to enable the grave evil, blasphemy, heresy, and sacrilege that is going on there. These are anti-Catholic crimes against the Catholic faith, the Church, and the unborn which cry to Heaven for justice. Wuerl needs to step up to the plate, join with the Catholic alumni of Georgetown and file that lawsuit because the Society of Jesus in the U.S. is too decadent and ridden with heresy, apostasy, and fruitcakes to do anything about this grotesque and absurd scandal that has brought great evil into Catholic education in the U.S.

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