by StumblingBlock

On the New Catholic Suckers Movement?

Put simply, the Trump phenomena is a preference for fight over talk. Trump confronts. He may be as much empty talk as the next politician, but his fight itself is tangible and in a contest between something forceful and more helpless words people appear to be choosing the fight.

You may ask, “Isn’t this the essence of a strong-man government rather than a functioning democracy?” Yes, it is. A democratic republic requires a Christian society comprised of honorable men. Those people are dead. That’s why we have Obama and his GOP enablers now who pretend to represent us in some constitutional system.

The conservative movement itself is split. In Ted Cruz, many see a man with proven character, a Christian faith, and a conservative track record – but is it one of success? Yes, Cruz may be the best the Senate has, and he’s resisted his opposition boldly, but as a lone voice what has he gained? Why is he defensively reacting in this primary while Trump plays offense and stays strategically two steps ahead? Attacks rain down on Trump from the press, from the Democrats, from the GOP establishment, from Mexico, from China, from CAIR, from the bishops, from Pope Francis. He is certainly attacked from all the right places. How is it he still stands?

Maybe because he’s got something, somewhere that’s real.

Which brings me to what’s left of the Catholic conservative movement. Those with media voices appear to fall between attacking Trump on his past, his character and his persona, and those bent on making their audience believe it would be a sin to vote for him at all, even in the general election.

Both camps are doing a grave injustice to the planet and the Church. A radical left-wing tyrant in the White House and a pliant Congress is an evil reality with live with every day. It should end.

There is a leftist strategy for the Catholic vote. It has two fronts:

Step One: Move an un-Catholic political tool into the papacy to skew the faith and turn the hearts of Catholics. Use the hierarchy and the media to validate his new teachings.

Step Two: Suppress the remaining faithful, and reliably conservative, Catholic vote in the general election.

If and when Trump isn’t muscled out of a primary victory and he doesn’t run as a third party spoiler, all we are going to hear from the media are ‘megalomania’, low-life scandals, and dirt. Why help them do it in advance and hand the left their Catholic creation like a bunch of programmable lemmings? What does it say about your pride that you would prefer Hillary over a man with some clear conservative ideas who shares the same enemies, when you already know how cruel, unjust, and destructive she’ll be?

Francis might even call you a Pharisee.

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