Pro-Abortion White House Staffer Hosted at Jesuit Boston College

Pro-Abortion White House Staffer Hosted at [Jesuit] Boston College

March 1, 2016, at 4:50 PM | By Kimberly Scharfenberger |

This past weekend, Boston College hosted Tina Tchen, assistant to President Barack Obama and chief of staff to First Lady Michelle Obama, despite her heavy involvement in abortion advocacy in direct contradiction to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Sponsored by the College’s Graduate Student Association (GSA), the event was billed as an opportunity for students to hear about Tchen’s “experiences within the White House, the work she does for the advancement of women and children, and the challenges she has faced as both a woman and person of color in her career.”
he student newspaper, The Heights, reported that Tchen spoke to Boston College students “about several key progressive and social issues that are currently unfolding inside the White House under the Obama administration.” Her talk reportedly included discussion of “workplace flexibility, domestic abuse and women’s equality.”

The Cardinal Newman Society reached out to Boston College’s GSA to inquire whether Tchen’s history of abortion advocacy was addressed in light of the College’s Catholic identity, but no response was received by time of publication.

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One comment on “Pro-Abortion White House Staffer Hosted at Jesuit Boston College

  1. Why?


    There is a point at which you have to begin to wonder if this is some kind of chastisement for sin, heresy, and apostasy. It is the official policy and teaching of the Catholic Church that advocates of abortion are not supposed to be given platforms or honors of any kind at Catholic institutions.

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