BLEEP Watch: Siscoe and Salza Debate Cekada and Derksen

BLEEP Watch: Siscoe and Salza Debate Cekada and Derksen

[No BLEEPery here – at least the explicit term]

Written by Michael Matt | Editor
The Remnant
Friday, February 26, 2016

This just in from, “In this section, we will respond to BLEEPs’ attempted refutations of our book and articles, including those published by Fr. Anthony Cekada and his disciple Mario Derksen (who runs the BLEEP website NovusOrdoWatch). In addition to defending the book, this section will also include articles exposing the errors of BLEEPery as well as other material related to BLEEPery in general. READ FULL STORE HERE

REMNANT COMMENT: Would that it were so easy to simply dismiss Francis the Great as a false pope.

If you’ll forgive a personal aside. Many of our BLEEP friends seem to be inordinately motivated by what comes off as an almost insatiable desire to be vindicated. It all seems terribly personal with many of these men, who, by the way, berate us on a daily basis for being cowards, ignoramuses, and charlatans for not seeing things their way.

Given what’s happening to the Church we all love, this seems odd to me. I mean, if I were a BLEEP (and I’m not), I would read The Remnant, with its 24/7 exposé of the Modernist Pope Francis, and I’d say: “Well, hey, at least those poor slobs over at The Remnant are trying to do something to expose the threat to souls as best they know how. Sure, Francis is not the pope, we all know that, but they don’t. And at least the benighted Remnant is trying to undermine our common enemy.”

Is that what we see? Not on your life! Rather, we get a lot of this: “Look at those malicious sycophants over at The Remnant. They know full well that Francis is not the Pope, but in order to sell more newspapers they keep their people in the dark. They’re afraid of us and of the truth. They know we’re right, as we always have been—right from the start. But they’re afraid to admit it. Blah, blah, blah.”

Forgive me, but such belligerent judgmentalism makes it difficult to take these men too terribly seriously. They will not allow for the prevailing diabolical disorientation to be the root cause of the R&R Remnant gang getting everything so terribly wrong. No! They absolutely KNOW that we are maliciously covering up the truth.

How do they know this, do you suppose. And since when do Catholics publicly ascribe the very worst motives to those with whom they disagree?

Here’s what I actually believe with all my heart and with God as my witness: Francis is the Pope. The New Mass is technically valid. Vatican II is a legitimate Council of the Church, which the Church will one day recall. As I see it, Hell wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, an invalid Mass does not provide ample opportunity for sacrilege and callous disregard of Christ in the Eucharist as does a technically valid New Mass with its bulldozed high altar and communion rail, its sacrificial nature erased, its Communion in the hand, its Mass facing the people, its table, etc.

The problem with Vatican II is precisely that it was a validly-convened council whose documents are laced with Luciferian ambiguity. If it were merely a false or invalid Council, it would never have achieved the high degree of damage for which it is responsible all over the world. (Remember, Leo XIII heard Jesus Himself grant the Devil one hundred years to try to destroy—not replace! —His Church.)

And, let’s face it, a false pope is not nearly as effective in undermining the faith as is a Modernist pope. Hell doesn’t want to organize a Halloween party inside the Vatican — Hell wants to control the real thing, and stick that in God’s face.

The easy way out of all of this is to solemnly declare from the comfort of our easy chairs that Vatican II was false, the New Mass is invalid, and Pope Francis is not the pope. On all three counts, would that it were so. Alas, it is not, and that IS the unprecedented crisis in the Church today.

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: The Mystical Body of Christ is undergoing its passion. That public passion—not unlike the first one—is cause for great scandal. They have taken His Mystical Body into custody; they’re scourging it, crowning it with thorns, and preparing to crucify it.

But to the extent that we have the courage and the faith and the hope and the grace to stay with Him–we will and we must. We must try not to run away— for all the ‘right reasons’. This is our Church, our mother, and we must not content ourselves to abandon her to her enemies. As soldiers of Christ we will fight to try an rescue her wherever and whenever we possibly can but, for the most part, during this age of great apostasy, we can do little more than stay, watch and pray with Him Whom they seek to destroy.

May God grant us the strength and the fortitude to remain at the foot of His Cross.

St. Mary Magdalene, Pray for Us.

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4 comments on “BLEEP Watch: Siscoe and Salza Debate Cekada and Derksen

  1. Morally speaking, we may not “suffer fools gladly” (2 Corinthians 11:19) or otherwise, but we do not have to suffer folly.

    Thus, IMHO BLEEPery is sheer folly, although the BLEEPs are having a field-day with FrankenPope.

  2. The problem with “BLEEPism” IMO is that individuals take it upon themselves to determine whether the Pope is indeed the Pope. Who among us is qualified to make that determination? Nevertheless, this current Pope gives me pause to say the least.

  3. Interesting to see how these bleeps are not so sure about the Pontificate of Pope Francis, but they show no reservations about their own Pontificate.

  4. Bergoglio is the best thing the BLEEPS could’ve wished for to promote their errors.
    As bad and as dangerous to souls and to the faith Jorge Bergoglio is, he is, (or Benedict still is) the legitimate Bishop of Rome.
    Now do I wish that Bergoglio be deposed by the bishops…yes
    Do I wish he would abdicate…yes
    Do I think Bergoglio, by his words and actions is no friend of Our Lord, His Church and to the salvation of bet!
    Yet BLEEPERY, like modernism isn’t the answer. And isn’t Catholic.

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