CALLING ALL BISHOPS THAT ARE STILL CATHOLIC: The Die Is Cast: Bergoglio MUST Be Deposed [Bergoglio delenda est]

CALLING ALL BISHOPS THAT ARE STILL CATHOLIC: The Die Is Cast: Bergoglio MUST Be Deposed [Bergoglio delenda est]

[How many are? How many will?]

Written by Ann Barnhardt
Monday, February 29, 2016

REMNANT EDITOR’S NOTE: For more on this subject, please see Hilary White’s latest, The Pope and the Baby Killer, on the Pope’s recent meeting with notorious abortionist Emma Bonino, whom he hails as one of Italy’s “greats.” This video shows “Italy’s great” abortionist in turn being hailed by none other than George Soros at the recent Pursuit of Peace Award Dinner, featuring movers and shakers of the New World Order. God help us, what is Pope Francis? MJM

Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis, must be deposed [Bergoglio delenda est]. And here is why.

As I have said of Bergoglio from the earliest days of this pontificate, the damage to souls caused by this Diabolical Narcissist Peronist-Fascist is terrifying in its scale and speed, completely unprecedented, and its enormity is known only to God. Satan’s plan with Bergoglio with regards to The Church is simple: discredit EVERYTHING with the simple yet nebulous words of Bergoglio. This includes the entirety of the Decalogue, the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin, the existence of Hell, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and the entire notion of Immutable Objective Truth. In other words, complete chaos. Hagan lio, as the man himself said.

In today’s culture we all tend to focus inordinately on ourselves, right now this very moment, regarding ourselves as the culmination and pinnacle of human history, and forget about the people who will come after we are dead and gone, most especially how our actions today will affect future generations. The massive crime against humanity that Bergoglio is executing – and consider for a moment that Bergoglio certainly has the potential to be the one human being that ends up personally responsible for the most loss of human souls to eternal damnation, above Luther, above Mohammed, above Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), above Paul VI Montini – will carry on utterly unchecked and uncontested through time until Our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns in glory… UNLESS positive, proactive, countermeasures are taken. Deposition and anathematization are those countermeasures, and they must be executed by bishops. Laymen cannot do this. Only bishops can do it.

Satan has made his move. He has the See of Peter, and his tool Bergoglio has a new diabolical meme or soundbite nearly every day – something to disorient, confuse, mislead or repulse human souls AWAY from the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. As I have said from the beginning of this epic disaster, Bergoglio’s words will be used as a flagrum to mercilessly and ceaselessly scourge Our Blessed Lord – but there is a shield that can and must be erected, a response that can and should be the instantaneous and first response to every cry of,

“Well, Pope Francis said….”

That response is:

“Pope Francis must be deposed and anathematized for being a heretic.”

Look, folks. It is late in the game. We don’t have many pieces left on the board. I am sorely tempted to make a joke about our bishops falling long ago to the Enemy’s ranks of queens, but I shall refrain. We pretty much have two choices, either depose and anathematize Bergoglio, or resign.

This is what happens when cowards and effeminates dictate tactics. The longer a given group waits to manfully confront an aggressor, the worse the final necessary action needed to repulse and defeat the enemy will inevitably be.

All the way back in 2010, when I was still writing for an audience mostly consisting of ranchers and farmers, but still horrified by what I was seeing in the political and cultural spheres, I penned these words. They now apply, to a degree infinitely higher, to Jorge Bergoglio and his reign of terror and destruction of souls:

Bravery and cowardice are a zero-sum game. When a man cowers, he isn’t merely shielding himself from danger and nothing more. What he is doing is shirking off on to some other man his share of bravery that justice demands. Because the good German people cowered and failed to stand up and stop what they clearly saw happening in the mid-to-late 1930s, their collective failure in courage cumulated and compounded. Where their failure in courage all eventually ended up was on the shoulders of the men who stormed the beaches at Normandy, among many, many others.

Do you see how that works? Good will always prevail, but there is no limit to the amount of suffering that will be required for that victory to occur. If men stand up early on, the suffering will be minimized because it will be spread over many people. The worst that might happen is that some folks go to bed scared for a while, but widespread bravery will allow good to prevail without much suffering. If, however, there is a decided lack of courage displayed by a large group or society early on in an advance by the powers of evil, that aggregated courage requirement will be borne by a relative few at a later time. The longer this goes on, the worse it will be for the few who have to bear the weight of the cowardice of the broad society.

At some point, someone is going to have to anathematize Bergoglio in order to offer any credible and meaningful counter to his satanic, murderous utterances. It should be done as soon as possible, which means while he is still alive, which means deposition as well. For the love of God, and for the sake of every human soul now and forever capable of being scandalized into eternal damnation by Bergoglio’s diabolical lies, let an Imperfect Ecumenical Council be called by those bishops remaining who still hold the Catholic faith, and love God above all else. The Remnant Church Militant must either wage a counter-attack, or resign.

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6 comments on “CALLING ALL BISHOPS THAT ARE STILL CATHOLIC: The Die Is Cast: Bergoglio MUST Be Deposed [Bergoglio delenda est]

  1. No can do, Ann. This is for you, me, and everyone to suffer through until Our Lord takes him out.

  2. Sadly, some bishops tried, they died, and their successors spent the rest of their lives trying to get their religious society regularized.

    • Aaah …..the resistance rears its ugly head. So where’s the deal? As with the good Archbishop, the door to Rome has been left open as it should. I have heard for years that they are doing a deal, are going to do a deal or a deal has been done….no one has shown me anything but hearsay and speculation. So sad to see that such a good man, as the Superior General, being flogged with tomatos as he walks the tightrope that must be walked…..

  3. As I recall from the discussion surrounding the publication of Angelus’ The Papacy, those who elected Bergoglio can un-elect him. I do not remember what such a meeting of cardinals is called. That is the path, the only legitimate path (excepting his dying, and that will not sufficiently allow for a thorough understanding and rejection not only of him but of the Council he represents). If we could stop just for one second attacking those awful Muslim women in their horrifying modest headgear, if we could stop attacking those terrible Mexicans who faithfully support our chapels but whom we do not love, perhaps we could focus on getting this call out loudly and clearly. It is time! Let’s tweet it and blog it and facebook it and write a real letter to our chanceries. Let’s get it straight and hit it hard.

  4. Hilary White on Ann Barnhardt on Bergoglio *must* be deposed [Bergoglio delenda est]


    Pretty sure that the most recent back-breaking straw was the whole Bonino business. Or might have been that contraception is A-OK in “exceptional” circs. Hard to know, really.

    Whatever set it off, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the basic thesis, but I foresee one insurmountable difficulty: it requires bishops willing to step out from behind their battlements and be the guy. No one wants to be the guy.

    Now, I realize that Ann was writing in some sense “for the record,” meaning that she stepped in and said what needs to be said that other people are mostly too reticent to say. And the signal it sends to the men in charge of the Church is always valuable:

    “We are the last Catholics in the Church who actually still hold the whole of the Faith, and this is where we are. We’re way past, “translations” or any of the rest of the usual, tedious roster of excuses. We have long since lost the kind of reverence for the papacy or the hierarchy that Catholics traditionally held (unless they’re Romans, who traditionally just formed mobs and stampeded whenever a Conclave gave them someone they didn’t like). We’re long, long, LOOOOOOng past having the slightest trust in any of you. If you wanted “respect” from believing Catholics, you should probably have done more to defend the Faith in the last 50 years.

    “At this stage, we’re pretty much ready just to lynch-mob your asses.”

    But all that being understood, I can’t really see anyone, including Ann, having any realistic expectation that any of those guys, even the “good” ones, will actually step up and do the needful thing.

    And if there were even the slightest possibility that this would happen, I have only a few questions:

    1) since we have to have someone as pope, once this deed is accomplished, who’s going to be the new one?

    2) do we really think that the people who have committed themselves to the destruction of the Catholic religion over the last 250 years (at least) are just going to quit?

    3) will it solve the problem? In other words, is Francis a cause or a symptom?

    4) (and this one’s for the $64,000) – Just what the hell really is the problem in the Church, and how can we do something about it?

    Meanwhile, y’all can go ahead and write a letter to your bishop. Hell, start a whole letter-writing campaign to your entire episcopal conference if you’ve got some time on your hands and there’s nothing much on TV.

    Here, I’ll help. This is where you can get the postal address of every bishop in the world. Catholic

    Knock yourselves out.

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