Bishop suspends church offerings over Malawi economic turmoil

Source: Nyasa Times

Bishop suspends church offerings over Malawi economic turmoil

February 29, 2016

Bishop Mtumbuka:   Food situation worryingBishop Mtumbuka: Food situation worrying

Malawians are suffering and have little money on disposal and Catholic church bishop in Karonga has suspended the collection of offerings from its members in “paper Sunday” to allow its members to utilise the little cash they have on the purchase of food.

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka made the announcement on Saturday February 27 during the launch of the diocese’s strategic plan for the coming five years held at St Mary’s Parish in the district.

He said the Catholic church has a great role to play on social economic development in tackling the issues pertaining to food security, education, health, justice and peace.

“I think it would not be right for me just to target how people are being treated. I think the most important thing is to say that we are deeply saddened by the situation our people are going through,” he said.

He said the looming hunger that has severely hit almost all parts of the country, the diocese has decided to ask its members to stop giving tithe, paper Sunday offerings and other major collections members of the congregation give to the church while at home they have no food.

“We have suspended all major activities of contributions from our Christians until further notice but we are very saddened by the situation and we really hope that the solution will be found. “ As a church we are very disappointed and concerned with the way people are suffering.”

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