For FrankenPope, an abortionist with more than 10,000 victims is “one of the great names of Italy today”! What would Saint Pio say of this?

For FrankenPope, an abortionist with more than 10,000 victims is “one of the great names of Italy today”! What would Saint Pio say of this?


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We have enthusiastically watched the public veneration of the incorrupt body of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, a great saint of the 20th century, in Saint Peter’s Basilica. In this way, Francis wishes to pay homage to the saint who reconciled so many people with God, for he knew how to encourage many penitents to abandon their errors, sins and crimes. Among these, the crime of abortion. Confession is marvelous!

For Padre Pio, abortion was not just a crime against an innocent being, but rather a true suicide. Father Pellegrino once confronted him with this question:

—Padre Pio, today you denied absolution to a woman because she had voluntarily undergone an abortion. Why have you been so rigorous with this poor unfortunate?

The stigmatic saint responded:

— The day that people lose their horror for abortion, will be the most terrible day for humanity. Abortion is not only a homicide but also a suicide. Shouldn’t we have the courage to manifest our faith before those who commit two crimes within one act?

—Suicide? — asked Father Pellegrini.

—The suicide of the human race will be understood ‒ replied the saint ‒ by those who will see the earth populated by the elderly and depopulated of children: burnt as a desert.

Perhaps these words, pronounced by such a kind person as the saintly capuchin, were unknown to Francis when he put Emma Bonino — the propagator of abortions in Italy — as an example for the Italy of today – yes Italy, depopulated by a low birthrate and overflowing with elderly.

Bonino herself declared that she performed more than 10,000 abortions during 1975 alone, employing a very precarious system: she would vacuum the unborn child from the womb of the abortive mother with an air pump — the kind used for bicycle tires! — putting the mangled remains into a glass jar. There even exist historic photos in which Bonino herself wished to immortalize the feat.

Just as Saint Padre Pio had taught, the Catholic Church has always considered abortion to be an abominable crime. It may be pardoned through repentance, but nonetheless it should be the object of horror within any society that does not want to commit suicide – just as suicide, murder and theft are a cause of horror… All are sins that may be pardoned, if there is repentance.

Francis justified his praise for the abortionist Emma Bonino with the phrase: “we have to look at people, at what they do”. Bonino did abortions… maybe Francis didn’t know? We are not so naive as to believe that. Consequently, we do not understand how the pontiff could affirm that she is, “among the greatest names of Italy today”. (Corriere Della Sera, February 8, 2016 – English summary)

Does abortion continue to be a sin, as the Catechism teaches? Or has a new moral emerged with Emma Bonino and her fellow party members? Why this double-faced attitude of Francis?

Without manifesting the slightest repentance for the more than 10,000 clandestine abortions she performed in 1975, the elderly Bonino thanked the eulogies of Francis: “These words are what have pleased me most in my entire life” (Lultimaribattuta, February 9, 2016). Repentance? Not a bit. At least she is not manifesting repentance, and in confession we know that we must seek at least some sign of repentance. Perhaps she only experiences satisfaction in seeing the one who should be, ex officio, her greatest enemy, obsequiously bending himself before her.

And what about the remains of Padre Pio, venerated these days in St. Peter’s? From heaven, what is Padre Pio thinking about these 10,000 murders performed in 1975 and perpetrated by the ideal woman for the Italy of today, according to Francis? What does he think of his figure being manipulated in such a way?

Indeed, many questions arise about this new moral model being proposed to the modern world. (see study) How different this model is freom what was taught by Saint Padre Pio, and for which he was elevated to the honor of the altars!

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