Three Catholic colleges make FIRE’s Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech list

Three Catholic colleges make FIRE’s Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech list

[Only one for objection to what would be considered “morally offensive” expression from an authentically Catholic perspective but instead was considered “sexual harassment” at a modernist/feminist “Catholic” college (the same one from which E. Michael Jones was fired for criticizing its feminist/pro-abort views); only one is on the Cardinal Newman Society’s recommended colleges list, and that was not for being authentically Catholic but for its president’s un-Catholic remarks and actions]

From: The Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech (But Why Are There Any?)

By George Leef
John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy (no relation to the Pope or any other aspect of the Church)
February 24, 2016

Just how bad colleges have become when it comes to free speech and toleration for anyone who disagrees with those who hold power cannot be underestimated. Many Americans who think back fondly on their college days decades ago are shocked to learn the truth.

Toward that end, the [libertarian conservative] Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has just released its Top Ten list—the worst colleges and universities in the country last year when it came to freedom of speech.

What we learn from these cases is that almost everyone affiliated with higher education these days must tread very carefully to avoid trouble with the people who feel empowered to control speech.

Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland

Top “honors” went to Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, recently thrown into turmoil by president Simon Newman’s firing of two faculty members who criticized his idea that the school should reduce its freshman class by “drowning some of the bunnies” (i.e., culling out academically weak students). Whether the president’s concept was good or bad, firing people for criticizing it is the worst way for an educational leader to react.

Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota

In a case that seems to blend equal parts of “sexual harassment” and offensiveness, Saint Mary’s University in Minnesota fired classics professor Dave Hillman for his role in an authentic version of Seneca’s play Medea. Apparently, the production was too good at replicating “the ancient practice of confronting viewers with their lavish and corrupt lifestyles,” because it involved “phallus-shaped objects.” That made administrators who fear complaints about “harassment” hurry to prevent them by firing the guilty professor.

Marquette University

Marquette University earned a place on the list because of its efforts at firing tenured professor John McAdams. He committed the terrible offense of criticizing a female graduate student for her handling of a student who asked about discussing same-sex marriage. Eager to rub salt in the wounds, the university barred him from campus on the ludicrous grounds that he was a “threat to public safety.” The case against Professor McAdams, which the Pope Center covered here, remains undecided.

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One comment on “Three Catholic colleges make FIRE’s Ten Worst Colleges for Free Speech list

  1. Sad when it involved anti-Catholic progressive modernist heretics or a completely unqualified individual placed in a top position to deconstruct the institution’s Catholic liberal arts identity and traditions. They need to rethink the Land O’Lakes conference Trojan Horse.

    Catholic speech is what is needed: open discussion of the Catholic faith, Catholic culture, Catholic curriculum, Catholic hiring practices, and the Catholic intellectual tradition BY and FOR Catholics.

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