Euthanasia in Canada: the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians must REJECT “The Proposal”

Euthanasia in Canada: the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians must REJECT “The Proposal”

[“Catholics” and neo-Catholics abetting the culture of death (i.e., euthansia)]

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Late last year I was made aware of the grave dangers and errors of “The Proposal” by our dear friend and sister, Mary Wagner. It is a document drawn up by the Canadian Medical and Dental Society and co-sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians Societies and Canadian Physicians for Life. “The Proposal” was accepted by the Canadian Medical Association. All sides seemed happy; all could return to a comfortable life. The proponents of death would have an open path to expanding the culture of death unopposed; the physicians who found euthanasia wrong would agree not to actively resist and go quietly into the closet. Where “The Proposal” is coming from is quite evident even from the euthanasia language that it uses. The monied and multi-million dollar Foundation funded, First Things neo-Catholic outfit, criticized Mary for her calling out the surrender of euthanasia. I have more than effectively rebutted the establishment’s critique of her.

Catholic blogger, Susan Fox, of Christ’s Faithful Witness – a dear friend of mine who helped organize Mary Wagner’s birthday gift of a Rosary Bouquet – has written an analysis of “The Proposal” as well as her observations of the manner in which those who should be leading the charge against this evil have just surrendered. I cannot recommend Susan’s article enough.

Susan writes:

Canadian physicians with consciences wrote up “The Proposal” to the Canadian Medical Association. It was offered by the Christian Medical and Dental Society with the support of the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Societies and Canadian Physicians for Life.

In it, they developed a “safe” approach to saving their consciences and staying out of jail. They could not in good conscience refer a patient to be euthanized, but they could, in fact, inform them that they might self-refer themselves. Patients are autonomous agents, after all, and able to make their own choices.

In the physician’s defense, they propose to try and “cure” the patient first of whatever is causing him to choose death.

But what is the difference between referring and informing someone about euthanasia? Catholic Theologian in Training, Lawrence Fox, who grew up on the rough streets of Baltimore, answered the question. “You tell them you can’t condone stealing, but you’d be happy to tell them where nobody’s looking!”

Once again I ask: when will the evil “The Proposal” be rejected?

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One comment on “Euthanasia in Canada: the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians must REJECT “The Proposal”

  1. In 2009, Cardinal O’Malley set up a co-op to receive State money for patient care at Catholic hospitals. He was majority owner in the operation, and the minority owner was an out-of-state insurance company. The secular side handled the paperwork and the abortions. O’Malley agreed to refer women to the kill side if that’s what they wanted.

    A cardinal of the Catholic Church couldn’t see what was wrong with this! How do the Canadians expect doctors to see through it, then?

    In the end, Joe Doyle and Carol McKinley shamed O’Malley out of it. So, he sold off the Catholic hospitals and got appointed head of the USCCCB Pro-Life Committee. And that’s no joke.

    Prayers for Canada.

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