Pope Francis Calls for Abolition of the Death Penalty

[… because what would a Year of Mercy be without it?]

Angelus text: zenit.org/articles/full-text-of-angelus-address-on-the-trip-to-mexico/
Dear brothers and sisters, tomorrow, Monday, an international conference begins in Rome that is titled “For a World Without the Death Penalty,” promoted by the Sant’Egidio Community.

I desire that this conference might give new strength to efforts to abolish the death penalty. An increasing strong opposition to the death penalty, even as an instrument of legitimate social defense, has developed in public opinion, and this is a sign of hope. In fact, modern societies have the ability to effectively control crime without definitively removing from the criminal the possibility of redeeming himself.

The issue lies in the context of a perspective on penal justice that is ever more conformed to the dignity of man and God’s design for man and for society. And also penal justice open to the hope of being reintegrated in society. The command “thou shalt not kill” has absolute value and refers to the guilty as well as the innocent.

The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy is a good occasion to promote in the world a growing maturity in forms of respect for life and the dignity of each person. Because even a criminal has the inviolable right to life, a gift of God.

I make a call to the consciences of those who govern, so that they come to an international consensus aimed at abolishing the death penalty. And to those among them who are Catholic, that they carry out a gesture of courage, giving an example: that the death penalty not be applied in this Holy Year of Mercy.

All Christians and men and women of good will are called today to work for the abolition of the death penalty, but also for improving the conditions of prisons, in respect of human dignity and of those people deprived of freedom.
[my emphasis]

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4 comments on “Pope Francis Calls for Abolition of the Death Penalty

  1. Some years ago I saw a video of part of a talk given by a conservative British Protestant theologian, in which he made the remarkable comment, that, once Britain abolished the death penalty, he knew that easy acceptance of abortion would soon follow. This is truly a remarkable prediction and turned out to be totally factual.
    I only wish that modern Catholic scholars had the same perception as this man.
    Instead the leaders of the Catholic Church now follow the same pop cultural interpretations of reality, completely disconnected from either Scripture or Tradition, where emotion and humanistic superficialities rule the day.
    God made it perfectly clear in scripture from the beginning, that human life is so precious that any one who deliberately takes an innocent person’s life should pay the supreme penalty and forfeit his own life. Capital Punishment establishes the sanctity of the life of the innocent and holds the guilty accountable for the full horror of their actions.
    Instead, we now have the situation where a person may commit even a vicious and painful murder yet only spend a relatively short time in jail while the victim has no such second chance nor does the victim’s family and friends.
    The same people crying out for the abolition of the death penalty remain remarkably silent about the fate of the victims of these crimes of violence.
    And of course this new “humane” society that so abhors the death penalty is perfectly content to allow the butchering of millions of babies and even angrily protests if any one attempts to actually describe what happens in an abortion.

    Satan has truly taken over and his lying, where “black” is called “white” and a lie is declared the truth is now the norm.
    How truly disturbing that the very Vicar of Christ should fall for this deception.

  2. Ex-Maciel-cult priest and ex-priest Williams defends Francis based on fake saint Wojtyla and the degenerate CCC.

    Yes, Wojtyla owns this one. And it ties in with abortion via the “seamless garment,” a fact that KW could not have been oblivious of, since his own cardinal fag Bernardin was a main proponent. Another fact is that the seamless garment was actually created by a Marxist priest, Bryan Hehir. Yes, hideous thinking and practice is endemic in the Church today.

    • Cyprian said:

      Ex-Maciel-cult priest and ex-priest [Tom] Williams …

      Tom Williams and his Legionary colleagues covered up for Maciel, and they covered up for him (i.e., Tom Williams).

  3. Abortion is the death penalty !

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