Life unworthy of life itself and therefore should be contracepted or aborted for reasons of “eugenics” or “self-defense” against the possibility of conception in the case of rape!?

Life unworthy of [life itself and therefore should be contracepted or aborted for reasons of “eugenics” or “self-defense” against the possibility of conception from rape!?]


FEB 18, 2016 by HILARY WHITE @

Also, my pro-lifer spidey senses must be getting rusty. Didn’t the pope just imply that contraception could be used for eugenic reasons? Zika doesn’t kill the woman. The thing everyone is worried about is defective babies, microcephalics, life unworthy of life, right?

He also draws a comparison between violent rape and having a disabled child. The Jesuit who first proposed the idea – and offered no evidence whatever that Paul VI had in fact given this permission to the Congo nuns – explicitly said that contraception could be seen as a means of self-defence against aggression.

What is pope Francis saying now about the child in the womb? That a disabled child is an aggressor? That is the abortion lobby assertion; that the woman who uses abortion or contraception is defending herself from an unjust aggressor, namely the unwanted child.

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4 comments on “Life unworthy of life itself and therefore should be contracepted or aborted for reasons of “eugenics” or “self-defense” against the possibility of conception in the case of rape!?

  1. While reading a Breitbart article looking at the demise of the Bush dynasty, as ¡Jebito! drops out of the Presidential race, it occurred to me that the occasion is worthy of a hearty Deo gratias! Hooray for the human race, the Fabian socialist, eugenic Bush family will no longer hold public office to further their “progressive” ends.

    Eugenics entered their blood at least by 1947 when grandpa (Senator) Prescott Bush became secretary of Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood organization. Some will recall how daddy H.W. switched to “pro life” to run with Ron Reagan, though mom Barbara never changed. The supposed pro-life Christian “Dubya” kept the eugenic bent with his “no Child Left Behind” socialist child-monitoring program, especially in his calls for universal mental-health screening. This sent chills up my spine, so reminiscent of the early 20th-Century “mental hygiene” programs in Germany. The poster accompanying the article above elicits the chill I’m talking about. There are plenty of other horrors perpetrated by Dubya, but we’ll let those go for now.

    So, good riddance. Yes, I know that there are a multitude of other Bush and Rockefeller types out there, so the fight goes on. But we can take a short moment of rejoicing that the mighty Bush has finally struck out.

  2. You know, it really never dawned on me how closely related Sanger’s P P was/is to the nazi eugenics program. I haven’t done a lot of reading about it, but which came first? The nazi or pp program? Henry Ford and papa Joe Kennedy were early fans of Hitler, too, I believe…

    I think that a case could be made that in the early 30’s at least Sanger’s was more evil. While the nazi’s were targeting the mentally and physically ‘defective’, Sanger was going for the poor and minorities.

    God bless America.

  3. I just did a quick search for an old site called eugenics watch, but it’s gone. I don’t know a reliable Catholic primer website. Maybe others will chime in with links.

    While “master races” are as old as human history, I think our modern push for eugenics (renamed “genetics”) can be credited to Darwin and his cousin Francis Galton, head of the eugenics society. The full title of Darwin’s work is “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” Eugenics caught on at the turn of the 20th Century. In the US, it was funded by Rockefeller who was in the process of taking over medical schools so as to define medical practice for the coming century (or two?). It’s why doctors (like Ben Carson) think nothing of carving up aborted babies to run experiments, grow diseases, and whatnot. So, you have the US (Rockie), England, and Germany, behind the “mental hygiene” movement.

    Sanger started her movement that survived the Nazis because the lie of “birth control” became instantly appealing to rich, lustful Americans and Europeans. She didn’t have to defend herself against the eugenic stain, or against her overt plan to keep black populations down. Nowadays, that’s more associated with the UN programs, UNFPA and WHO, funded by us (US) and others, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike. But PP is still doing Sanger’s work.

  4. Allan Carlson has done extensive research on the battle between Sanger and her then nemesis, Anthony Comstock. He also details how Archbishop Patrick Hayes employed the NYPD to disrupt one of Sanger’s more famous rallies.
    At one point, Sanger succeeded in coopting a priest theologian from Catholic University, Fr. John Ryan, who found some aspects of the eugenics program to be appealing. Nevertheless, Fr. Ryan defended the Church’s teaching against contraception, and he quickly recanted on eugenics when Pius XI published Casti Conubii.
    Initially Sanger was fully committed to promoting birth control/contraception with blunt clarity, but then she acquiesced to a more market savvy approach of using the concept of responsible parenthood and birth spacing.
    Carlson, although a Lutheran, is well worth reading both in Touchstone Magazine and his several books regarding the sociological benefits of stable, child-rich families and of home-based means of production.

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