Trying to Make Sense of It All

Making Sense out of Non-Sense – a difficult thing to do, no? This latest flap between the Pope and the Donald is a good example. It seems that the Pope cannot resist making ridiculous, off-the-cuff statements whenever a media-microphone is thrust into his face and the same goes for the Donald. On the one hand the Pope has said:: “Who am I to judge” and, on the other, has implied that the Donald is not even Christian because of his proclivity for building a wall to stop illegal immigration. As well, the Pope has cautioned the Italian bishops from engaging in Italian politics while he himself sees apparently no difficulty in engaging in American politics in the areas of immigration policy, climate change and economics. What’s good for the one is good for the other, is it not?

So, what are we to make of this sad display? Well, when one considers that “powers and principalities” are at work doing Lucifer’s bidding, it’s easy to see what is the cause of this untidy situation. Men are being tempted and they seem unable to resist. They just don’t see that this has all been predicted in Scripture (Apocalypse) and we are living it out in our own time. As for the “Wall” suffice it to say there have been walls built throughout history to protect innocents from attacking hordes. The concept of self-defense applies to nations as well as to individuals. The crux of the matter, as the Pope should surely know, is “the motive” behind the act is what’s important so long as the act, in itself, is not intrinsically evil. If the Pope were to follow Our Lady of Fatima’s request, we’d be lot better off.

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  1. FrankenPope: Non compos mentis?

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