After New Year’s Eve sex assaults by Muslim migrants, European Catholic bishops warn of rise of “right-wing” & “Islamophobia”!?

After New Year’s Eve sex assaults by Muslim migrants, European Catholic bishops warn of rise of “right-wing” & “Islamophobia”[!?]


The European Catholic hierarchy appears to be identical in political ideology to Pope Francis and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Is encouraging national and cultural suicide a Christian duty now? As Europe is engulfed in the flames of civil war, will any of these bishops wake up and realize what they have done? Or will they continue to demonize and ostracize those who have tried to sound a warning about the forces that are determined to destroy the patrimony of which these traitorous bishops are supposed to be the protectors and champions?

Bishops Without Borders: European Elitism Gone Bad,” by William Kilpatrick, National Catholic Register, February 8, 2016:

After the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne and 17 other cities, the Catholic hierarchy in Europe is starting to get worried — about “nationalists” and “right-wingers,” that is.

Cardinal Rainer Woelki of Cologne condemned the sexual assaults outside his cathedral, but reserved most of his concern for threats from “right or brown circles.” Bishop Gregor Hanke of Eichstätt complained that German leaders who talked of re-establishing borders were adopting policies that were “right-wing and Islamophobic.” Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the archbishop of Vienna, recently warned that, in the face of Europe’s migrant crisis, the biggest risk is the return of a “new nationalism.” The challenge of the refugees, he said, creates “the risk that everyone withdraws into their own limits” and that “the borders, barriers, walls, the Iron Curtain will return.”

So, if these bishops are right, a lot of people in Europe have misplaced fears. The real danger is not the hordes of young Muslim males rampaging through Europe, but the people who think something ought to be done about it. As most Europeans know, words like “new nationalism,” “right or brown circles,” “xenophobes” and “populists” are code words for neo-Nazis….

For the most part, the bishops lean toward the borderless, internationalist view of the world espoused by the Euro elites. With the exception of marriage and family issues, the hierarchy seem to have adopted the EU agenda as its own. Indeed, the COMECE declaration even urges European citizens to “withstand any temptations to scapegoat the European Union for domestically generated problems.”…

As they already have been doing. The number of break-ins to homes and businesses has soared dramatically since the refugees arrived in Europe. Before the assaults on New Year’s Eve, the Cologne Cathedral itself — that is to say, Cardinal Woelki’s church — was subjected to a “massive rocket and ‘banger’ fireworks barrage that lasted the whole service.” “Again and again,” said architect Barbara Shock-Warner, “the north window of the cathedral was lit up red, because rocket after rocket flew against it.”

Cardinal Woelki said he was annoyed by the noise and disruptions, but he seemed more annoyed at the “right or brown circles” who would punish “all refugees for the crimes of a few.” A few? There were 1,000 assailants and, at last count, the number of the victims was more than 800. The noise of the rocket barrage seems to have left the cardinal slightly tone-deaf. Like others in the European hierarchy, he seems out of touch with the fears and anxiety experienced by ordinary citizens.

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One comment on “After New Year’s Eve sex assaults by Muslim migrants, European Catholic bishops warn of rise of “right-wing” & “Islamophobia”!?

  1. Vatican 2 was prompted by the Catholic ” elites ” Romcali, Montini, and others to have a one world religion like the proposed ” one ” Europe which became the EU. How is that working out ? If Britain had a brain, they would vote to leave the EU. With Francis the present day “elite ” are doubling down to get the one world religion concept through even though it will destroy the Catholic Church. I ask what is the point? To get more Lutherans to receive communion ? Let me suggest they are doing that now. If you go to Novus Ordo Church’s , Protestants you know , go up and receive communion . Now, since the pope has said you do not need priests to forgive sins, what is the big deal. Well maybe the lines waiting for confession will not be so long. The dynamic duo, Obama and Francis, one is destroying America and the other is destroying the Catholic Church. But some things never change the Vatican bank is still laundering money for the drug gangs throughout the world.

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