Neo-Catholic Super Dave Armstrong Takes the Plunge: Attacks The Remnant and Hilary White at that pathetic Patheos bundleblog

[Neo-Catholic] Super Dave Armstrong Takes the Plunge: Attacks The Remnant [and Hilary White at the pathetic Patheos bundleblog]

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

I’m told that Super Dave Armstrong is attacking The Remnant over at Patheos. Having never read anything written by this man in the past, I see no point in starting now. As I see it, since nobody else reads Super Dave he surely won’t mind if we dont’ either.

I’d just like to say that, even though he’s now attacking us with his random word generator, I still think Super Dave was pretty funny back in the day.

In fact, long live Super Dave! And don’t go changin’, Dave, to try to please us. We love you just the way you were.

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3 comments on “Neo-Catholic Super Dave Armstrong Takes the Plunge: Attacks The Remnant and Hilary White at that pathetic Patheos bundleblog

  1. [Hilary White responds]

    I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way

    FEB 14, 2016 by HILARY WHITE @

    Aaaawww… Dave. That’s so sweet…

    The poor guy has a crush on me, obviously. I think this is the second or third time he’s sent me a personal love-letter and posted it to the innernet. And he keeps making up these cute pet names, just for me.

    It’s so hard to let them down, especially on Valentine’s Day.

    It happens a lot, actually. I guess there’s a lot of lonely people out there in innernet land.

    Here’s a few fun cartoons to cheer you up, and to show that love’s tough all over…

    Happy Valentine’s Day, lonelyhearts!

  2. Convert polemics and apologetics can be good with informed commentary on the deficiencies of Protestantism and the errors and travesties of atheism, but sometimes it can be uninformed and inaccurate with biases, lapses, or distortions. Someone who did not live through the modernist Revolution of Vatican II and who has no living memory of what Catholic life, Catholic culture, and Catholic schools were like before all of this silliness was imposed is really not qualified to pass judgment on the opinions and observations of those of us who did. With Pope Francis coming up with new innovations and outrageous statements almost every other week, it is unclear how some critics find the time to go after the traditionalist movement. Criticizing a modernist Pope is not Protestantism. It is actually the duty of every Catholic to point out heresy, even if that includes the antics of a crazy progressive modernist Jesuit from Argentina obsessed with air conditioning and crackpot Malthusian climate change gnosticism.

    Another case for Officer Judy (later: Super Dave Osborne):

  3. It wasn’t The Remnant that caused all these scandals – sexual and in the faith: Was it?

    No, it was done by we all know whom.

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