Justice Scalia Called ‘Bigot’ by Jesuit Georgetown University Professors

Justice Scalia … Called ‘Bigot’ by [Jesuit] Georgetown University Professors

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February 17, 2016 | By Justin Petrisek, Adam Cassandra | CardinalNewmanSociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/4700/Justice-Scalia-Embraced-as-%e2%80%98Son-of-Georgetown%e2%80%99-by-University-President-Called-%e2%80%98Bigot%e2%80%99-by-Professors.aspx

The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was an outspoken critic of his alma mater Georgetown University’s failure to protect its Catholic identity, but the University seemed to ignore those criticisms and has continued to support campus efforts that disregard Church teaching. … Faculty are accusing him of “bigotry” and are expressing joy in Scalia’s passing.

“When I was at Georgetown, it was a very Catholic place. It’s not anymore — and that’s too bad,” Scalia famously said when speaking to college students in October 2013. He posed the question to the students, “What has happened to Catholic universities, that they would lose their reason for being?”

Educated at the Jesuit Xavier High School in New York City, Scalia went on to attend Georgetown University before graduating summa cum laude and going off to Harvard Law School. “Georgetown University is not Catholic anymore,” Scalia stated again in an interview with The Remnant in May 2014. But in the 1950s “they rolled you out of bed to attend Mass,” he said. “Not anymore.”

In addition to the criticisms of Scalia, and others, The Cardinal Newman Society has reported on continued instances of Catholic identity abuse at Georgetown, including performances of “The Vagina Monologues;” professors openly contradicting Church teaching by advocating for abortion and contraception; connections to Planned Parenthood; support for LGBTQ activism; and honoring abortion advocates. The University also received heated criticism for covering up the name of Jesus during President Obama’s speech on campus in April 2009. And alumni have even filed a canon law petition to the Vatican pointing out numerous examples of scandal at the University.

Following news of his passing on Saturday …, several Georgetown professors have openly expressed disdain for Scalia, whose body has yet to be put to rest.

Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown, posted an article criticizing Scalia at Foreign Policy Magazine just hours after news broke of his passing. Brooks began the article by writing:

Prepare yourself for pious proclamations of sorrow. Justice Antonin Scalia, stalwart conservative voice on the U.S. Supreme Court since 1986, is dead! Flags will be at half-mast, and for a few days, at least, everyone will pretend to consider Scalia’s death a terrible loss to the Court, the country, and the global legal and judicial communities.
Brooks went on to claim that Scalia’s death would be greeted with “joyful private choruses of ‘Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead.’ Or maybe not so private.”

Two other Georgetown Law professors, Mike Seidman and Gary Peller, sent a campus-wide email on Tuesday in response to Treanor’s statement calling Scalia a defender of “oppression and bigotry” who “bullied lawyers, trafficked in personal humiliation of advocates, and openly sided with the party of intolerance in the ‘culture wars’ he often invoked.”

Scalia “was not a legal figure to be lionized or emulated by our students” as he represented “voices of intolerance,” according the email.

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