“Conservative” bishops and seminaries come around on “inclusive” Holy Thursday Foot-washing

[“Conservative” bishops and seminaries come around on “inclusive” Holy Thursday Foot-washing]

From: Decree OKs washing women’s feet in Holy Week ritual

by Elizabeth A. Elliott | Feb. 13, 2016 | NCRonline.org/news/vatican/decree-oks-washing-womens-feet-holy-week-ritual

After the Vatican’s announcement that the Holy Thursday foot-washing ritual be open to “all members of the people of God” including women and girls, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wis., who previously excluded women from Holy Thursday foot-washing, released a statement in which he will now permit the practice in his diocese.

“It is my hope that in their outstanding care for the people entrusted to them, the priests will engage serious prayer and reflection in coming to their choice,” Morlino said in the statement. “It is also my hope that our priests and people will avoid any pressure tactics so as to allow our priests to make good and prudential decisions.

“As I have always indicated, the central focus of the Holy Thursday liturgy should always be upon the Lord, His Priesthood, and the Eucharist. I hope, more and more, that this will be the case in each parish of the Diocese of Madison,” Morlino said.

Basilian Fr. Douglas Mosey, president and rector of Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Conn., said he is telling seminarians, ” ‘You are entitled to your own view on this, but you are to humble yourself like Jesus did who is the High Priest.’ So I hope they will all humble themselves in subordination to what is the policy of the diocese.”

Mosey added, “It’s taught to the seminarians by making sure they are in communion with your bishop and so if they have any questions they should ask the bishop. It’s not a moral issue, it is just a practice, and some bishops obviously might agree and others don’t agree.”

Holy Apostles has 79 seminarians from dioceses in the U.S., France and Vietnam.

Mosey said foot-washing is a devotion that has flexibility and is not guided the same as a sacrament would be. “What Pope Francis is trying to express is that we need to wash the feet not only of men but of everybody because we’re all foot washers,” said Mosey.

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