Yes, Catholics may vote for Bernie Sanders

Yes, Catholics may vote for Bernie Sanders

[Three “Catholics” (a modernist invoking the USCCCP and a “neo”, in turn invoking another “neo”) state their cases – despite what Popes have said especially Pius XI: “Socialism cannot be reconciled with Catholic Doctrine”]

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders raises his fist as he speaks at his caucus night rally in Des Moines, Iowa

By: Charles C. Camosy (associate professor of Theological and Social Ethics at Fordham University)
February 8, 2016
Religion News Service

U.S. Catholics who identify as traditional or conservative sometimes fail to understand the church’s teachings on social justice and their duty to the poor.

That is why it was so heartening to see the Rev. Dwight Longenecker make this point on his traditional and popular blog:

No economic system is perfect and no single economic system can be said to be “Catholic,” but it would not be inconsistent for a Catholic to vote for a Democratic Socialist. Indeed, the reason so many Catholics voted for the Democratic Party over the years was because they perceived the Democrats to be the party of the poor, the marginalized, the workers and the “little guy.”

So far so good. It is Catholic doctrine that wealth exists to be shared; private property is under a social mortgage for the common good; workers must be paid a living wage; health care is a human right, and we must be on the side of the poor first.

For Catholics, these are non-negotiables.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops explains that we voters face a dilemma when “all candidates hold a position which is intrinsically evil” — as is the case with positions on things like abortion, torture, assisted suicide, and usury.

In such cases, the bishops appeal to voters’ prudential judgement, which includes what they think of “a candidate’s commitments, character, integrity, and ability to influence a given issue.”

Suppose a voter believed the following:

1. Republican lawmakers rarely sacrifice other concerns in defense of prenatal children.

This is especially true when such protection requires using the federal dollars to give mothers necessary resources. It is just not clear that Republicans are actually committed to protecting prenatal child, and it is therefore not clear we should trust them.

2. Women are structurally pushed toward abortion.

The best way to save the lives of prenatal children, at least in our current political reality, is to provide women in difficult circumstances the resources to keep and support them. Right now, with no paid family leave, hopelessly expensive child care, and a massive disparity in pay, women are put in a difficult spot. Abortion rates tend to be significantly lower in countries with stronger social welfare systems.

3. Catholics must favor the poor first.

Jesus doesn’t talk about hell very often, but when he does it is almost always seen as the result of a failure to be on the side of the poor. Sanders’ commitment to the poor blows away any GOP candidate in this regard.

The U.S. bishops insist a Catholic’s voting choices “may affect the individual’s salvation.” Would a person with these views have proportionate reasons for voting for Bernie Sanders?

In voting for Sanders on the basis of the above reasons, such a person is strongly affirming the need to protect prenatal children, while at the same time also giving due reverence to the other serious and non-negotiable values at stake in this election.

[Addendum by Tom the AQ Moderator:] Fr. Longenecker also quotes a fellow neo-Catholic:

As Mark Shea explains here, if someone even worse than Sanders were his opponent–someone who supported abortion AND torture AND indiscriminate bombing of civilians AND indiscriminate deportation of immigrants– (like Trump) then a vote for Sanders could be the lesser of two evils.

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5 comments on “Yes, Catholics may vote for Bernie Sanders

  1. “The U.S. bishops insist a Catholic’s voting choices “may affect the individual’s salvation.” ” Excuse me but … are you freaking kidding me?! This from the same crowd who overwhelmingly voted for Obama!!! I’ve already have had many liberal priests tell me that one cannot vote for Trump – one even said Trump was the same as Hitler in his call for rounding up Muslims. Of course these guys are all pro-Hilary, calling her a “classy lady.”

  2. I am voting for Trump if he is the nominee . Tell the priests and cone head bishops that today, being Catholic can affect your salvation. These clowns have two cards to play, the race card and the salvation card. I tell them to pound sand !

  3. Democrat Bill Clinton deported 8 million illegal aliens. George Bush 10 million. Then, President Alinsky invited all 18 million to come back and bring their friends. President Trump will just pick up where Clinton and Bush left off.

  4. There is mention of the fact that women must take responsibility for their pregnancy and well. And they also (along with their partners in sin) should be allowed to face temporal punishments, whether financial or otherwise. And it is not right to force others to pay for their irresponsibility. Helping a woman who is making a “mistake” means that their consciences have to be properly informed. The big problem is that Mass Media, sex education, a secular society and a Church that refuses to do its part in properly forming people is the heart of the problem. Social benefits comes with social responsibilities. Before the bishops can tell others to clean house and instruct them how to vote conscientiously, they need to clean their own sodomite-infested and morally unfaithful souls and of their illegals and legals they are to shepard. Before a prelate can talk about the speck in a person’s eye, they need to remove the log logged into their own episcopal eye. As far as Bernie Sanders is concerned, however, I fear a spiteful, vindictive Hillary Clinton to be far more of a danger to the U S and the world. The old hag has grudges and axes to grind. As far as Republicans are concerned, the ones following their pro-zionist Evangelical masters are too dangerous to trust. And the Bush family has a tradition of bloodthirst and war. The others are also waiting to go to war to make the world safe for Israel. As cattle, we are all hearded towards what the global economy wants.

  5. A Protestant convert from Bob Jones University is not a reliable source of information on Catholic teachings. It is beyond absurd for someone to cite that as an authority on Catholic moral teachings. You may NOT vote for pro-abortion candidates or those who promote totalitarian secular tyranny, especially when there are alternatives. There is no Gospel mandate for modern secular socialism or a progressive income tax as specific methods for addressing poverty. This is pure BS from progressive modernist lunatics (and a crackpot Protestant source). Catholics do have a moral duty to defeat candidates promoting abortion, government funding of Planned Parenthood, and anti-Christian secularism. Those are clear moral issues with clear Catholic teachings, while economics is an inexact science, full of speculation and debatable hypotheses and theories. More socialism and higher taxes will continue to weaken Catholic education by taxing Catholic families out of Catholic schools. Selling out the unborn for political promises of socialized medicine, a higher minimum wage, or more government welfare programs is bad ethical reasoning, as the current regime and its war against the unborn and the Little Sisters of the Poor have demonstrated in spades. A giddy pro-abortion Communist from Brooklyn is not going to solve America’s problems, but will supply mountains of debt and deficit spending. But, wait, the Clinton Dixie Mafia and Illuminati may still have tricks up their sleeve to deliver the dumbed-down masses to the menopausal banshee from Wellesley, so it’s purely academic at the moment. Either way the country would be finished if such policies continued.

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