Lutheran leaders emphasize ‘quest for unity’ with Catholic Church

Lutheran leaders emphasize ‘quest for unity’ with Catholic Church

[It sounds more like a Catholic capitulation to the Reformation and ecumania rather than “the return of all Protestants throughout the world to the unity of the Catholic Church” (intention for the third day of the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity)]

Catholic World News – February 09, 2016

The leaders of the Lutheran World Federation have issued a statement welcoming Pope Francis’s upcoming trip to Sweden to commemorate the anniversary of the Reformation.

“It is historic that Catholics and Lutherans are commemorating the anniversary of the Reformation together in October 2016,” Martin Junge, the federation’s general secretary, said in a statement published on February 4. “In Lund we come together to give thanks for the gifts of the Reformation and our 50 years of dialogue together, repent for the human suffering and disunity of the church that followed the Reformation, and commit to joint witness in the world.”

He added:

We are committed to take a step towards unity. We are seeking openness and encouragement to overcome the differences in practice and doctrine that still remain and move forward with the conviction that they can be overcome …

When we speak of unity we also speak of reconciliation, of being convinced that it is possible to overcome fragmentation and that we can and will learn from each other. We believe it is possible to heal memories and we need to do so in order for us to jointly serve our wounded and fragmented world.

“We know very well that Lutheran churches around the world are at different stages when it comes to how they live and experience their relationship with the Catholic Church and the same applies for Catholic churches on the ground,” said Bishop Munib Younan, the federation’s president. “Yet, knowing these realities, we want to emphasize the quest of our unity—leaving conflict behind and working towards communion.”

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4 comments on “Lutheran leaders emphasize ‘quest for unity’ with Catholic Church

  1. “It is historic that Catholics and Lutherans are commemorating the anniversary of the Reformation together ”

    I see a load of Protestants intending to go, but no sign of any Catholic showing up yet!

  2. The only unity that will work is for people to realize that the Catholic church is the true church and others must join that church in order to really find peace. The only people who push these unity strategies are liberals in each group, not the conservatives. This type of stuff is what causes more schisms to occur and the only ones left in the so called unity church will be far left people. The others who really love the faith the way they have always had it will have nothing to do with this new age medley stew.
    Let Jesus unite the church in His own way, not our way. Free will is too strong today. No unity stew will stay together anyway as people do not agree with each other in faith matters and will break off again to continue in what they have been used to.

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